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Little Einsteins

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This half term our topic title is: 

This half term we welcome back Mr Penkeyman who is completing his final teaching practice with us and the Year 2s will be enjoying ice cream with flakes and sprinkles (can't think what they will be doing to deserve this!). 


Our National Curriculum Focus: 


Computing: Show an awareness of information in different formats.

D&T: Draw a simple picture of an intended design with basic labelling. 

Art: Use lines to represent a shape or outline. Create a simple pattern using colours and shapes. Handle and manipulate rigid and malleable materials. Cut and tear paper to create a picture.

Science: Identify whether an animal is a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore and how we might know this from their physical appearance, Sort and group objects, materials and living things according to simple observational features. Use scientific language to ask and/or answer a question on given data. Follow instructions to complete a simple test. Identify and name a range of common animals from the local and wider environment

Geography: learn the continents, drawing maps with keys


Additional Homework: Please see the optional homework ideas at the bottom of the page. 

Your child will get 5 dojos for any home-learning task completed. You can send the work in to school r you can email work to me at

Well, this was one of the best topics! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and we all learned soooooo much about mini-beasts. 

We learned about insect body parts and did some great drawings of spiders and ants; labelling spiders' palps and spinnerets and leaning that the legs come from the thorax and never the abdomen. We then went on to make spiders and ants correctly using playdough. You can see the pictures of our creations at the bottom of the page. 

We made fabulous superveggies at home, dressed up as superheroes and made traps for Evil Peas! Our traps were hidden around the classroom and when we came in the next day, every trap had caught an Evil Pea. Thankfully, there was no more Pea action after this!

The Evil Peas caused lots of mischief around school. We had to crawl into the classroom one day! They ransacked Mrs Poole's Office and tied up our classroom superheroes (to name but a few things). 

Last half term in ICT, the Year 2s and most Year 1s took a tour through some of the rooms in Buckingham Palace. They were brilliant and loved looking at all the detail in the palace. Use the link at the bottom of the page to share this experience with your child. 


Smashing towers! 



Woodland Sessions

Little Einsteins will go to woods on a Friday afternoon. They will be in the woods for approximately an hour so the correct clothing is essential. 

This will be held every week and we will go in all weathers (except high winds). 

Your child will need appropriate clothing every Friday. This will include:

wellies, waterproof trousers and a coat.

Weather dependent clothing: sun hat, woolly hat, gloves. 


Caudwell's Mill

The wonderful George Challenger, from the mill, took his time to come and talk to the children about the grain and how to harvest it. The children watched as he scythed last year's plants and then they re-planted oats, barley, wheat and rye. After that, they then threshed and ground the grain. Please see the photos at the bottom of the page.


Mrs Hewitt will be teaching the Little Einsteins Tuesday (topic) and Thursday (Maths and letters and sounds) afternoons and all day on Friday (letters and sounds, SPAG, Maths and outdoor learning). Please note that this is only until the Year 6s have completed their SATs, when it will revert back to normal. 

Miss Furness will be teaching all day Monday (Spelling test, English, Maths, PSHE & Topic), Tuesday (spelling, English and Maths) and Wednesday (letters and sounds, English and Maths) morning.  On Wednesday afternoon a P.E. coach (from Progressive Sports) will be with the children and they will do R.E with Mrs Cox and Mrs Stankard. 

Mrs Cox and Mrs Stankard will be doing reading comprehension and topic with the Einsteins on Thursday morning. 


Please make sure that your child's P.E. Kit is complete and appropriate and in school every Wednesday.  They will only be sent home at the end of every half term to be washed. Please ensure that the P.E. kit is correct; navy/black shorts or joggers and a white/royal blue t-shirt. They will also need a pair of trainers and a pair of pumps. Optional: a navy/black hoodie/sweatshirt for the colder months (a school jumper will suffice). 

Please make sure they have 2 pairs of shoes for P.E (an indoor and an outdoor pair) as we can not allow studded boots in the village hall. 



It is important for your child to stay hydrated throughout the day, you can send your child into school with a labelled water bottle or they can access water with the class cup system.





Reception Children 

Reception children will now line up at 9am with the rest of the class except on Thursdays when the trikes will be out. 

Your child will need to bring their book bag in to school EVERY day, their reading record and reading book MUST be in their book bag. Any letters will go home in their book bag as will Bear Words and homework (should they get any). 


Fresh Air Friday

Reception children will be doing outdoor activities whenever possible throughout the week but will be outside for most of the day on a Friday so will need to be dressed appropriately. They will be able to come dressed in jeans or joggers with trainers but must have uniform on the top half. They will need waterproofs in school on Friday and wellies should be in everyday. They will have a session in the woods or on the rec but will not be there all day as there are no toileting facilities in these areas. The children will be in charge of keeping the garden areas clear for planting and tending to vegetables. 


Letters and Sounds

Your child will be doing a letters and sounds session Tuesday to Friday every week. These are 20 minute sessions where your child will learn a new sound daily. At the start we will focus on listening skills and then progress on to learning to recognise letters and how to form them, this will help your child to read in the long run.

Pure Sounds - Please check out the link at the bottom of the page (Mr Thorne Does Phonics) to help your child sound out their phonemes correctly. 



Your child will earn dojos should they read 3 or more times within a week. Reading records are checked regularly and dojos are awarded weekly. 

Please mark in your child's reading record when you have read with them. 

Reading books are changed when we see that the child is reading the books at home, we ask that you read the book more than once to encourage fluency and word recognition.

At the start of the Reception year, your child will bring home a lilac level book. There are no words in these books and are used to encourage your child to tell the story through pictures and sequence them. They are also encouraged to answer questions about their book. When we see fit, they will moved onto a book with words and they will bring home Bear words which are high frequency words required through EYFS and Y1. 


Year 1 and 2

Reading: Please try to read with your child at least 3 times a week and practice Bear words where appropriate.

 Year 2 children will be starting our wonderful reading challenge where they will have a choice of books from a range of genres with a comprehension quiz and activity. 

Most Y2s will be expected to change their own books now, they are encouraged to do so every morning during register time. We no longer change their books for them.

Year 1s will have their book changed as and when required. Please note that re-reading a book helps build up fluency. Sometimes we will ask you to re- read the book. 

Your child will earn dojos should they read 3 or more times within a week. Reading records are checked will be monitored closely and dojos are awarded weekly. 

Year2s will have their SATs at the end of the year so I can not stress enough the importance of reading and discussing the book with your child. 

Guided Reading will be carried out weekly, Year 2s will carry out reading activities throughout English too and we will continue to hear Year 1s individually too.  They will also continue with their reading buddies on Thursday morning. 


Spelling  - Year 1 and 2

Spelling homework is sent out on a Tuesday following a 'cold test', they are then taught the spelling patterns on their list every day at school for a 'hot test' on Monday. Please encourage your child by helping them with their spellings at home. They will all be provided with a spelling book. 





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