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Monday 4th May

Watch the PowerPoint on position and then complete the sheets.

As an extension, you could call out directions for your child to complete either in the house or garden. 


Two steps forward, half-turn clockwise, three steps forwards etc. 


Tuesday 5th May - Active Maths Day - Yipppeee!!! 

Introduce the idea that a quarter turn is also called a right angle turn, can they tell you how many right angle turns make a 3/4 turn? 

Play a game: You will need the two sheets below but you can make up your own along the same theme if you don't have a printer. This is also a good one to do on your daily walk. 

Give your child the colour key and then hide the code cards around the space. Your child finds a code card and follows the instruction. 

Example your child finds this:

 they have to take two steps, then three steps then follow the instruction on the red circle :  then the orange circle then 3 steps, then  then finished.

It is a really great game to play and I hope your children will enjoy it. 


Wednesday 6th May

Starter as normal. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's active maths, I know we enjoyed playing it at school. 

Complete the sheet below; Describing Movement and Turns

There is an optional extension activity too - Where's Wally Sheet  


Thursday 7th May

A lovely, outdoor, enjoy-the-sunshine sort of activity today.

We are going to do two sessions on pattern - today's is creative and practical. Start with the repeating patterns and move on to making mandalas.  I would love to see any mandalas created.