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Monday 4th May

Complete the sheet - make sure that your child checks carefully for equal groups. Where it says use counters, you can use a range of other things i.e. lego pieces, pasta, stones, leaves, pennies. 

Get your child to help you pair the socks after you've done the washing - can they count them out in 2s? 


Tuesday 5th May 

Active Maths Day - Yipppeee!

You will need loose parts for sharing - Lego, pasta, stones, cereal - be creative

Write out the following numbers on paper -

6, 10, 12, 4, 8, 16, 20, 2

Hide them around the house and garden.

Your child must run and find the numbers - bring them back and find out how many different ways they can share them.


2 can be shared into 1 group of 2 or 2 groups of 1! 

There is no recording needed - just a practical activity. It is important to stress that the groups are equal. 

I have attached an answer sheet if you need it. 


Wednesday 6th May

Start with Flashback 4

The last lesson of our multiplication and division maths. All this work will lead on to more formal multiplication in Year 2 and gives the children a greater understanding of what multiplication and division are. It is all about the mastery! 

Complete the sheet on sharing - you may need to use loose parts to do some practical activities.  


Thursday 7th May

Watch for today's lesson. There is a different flahsback 4 on this video, so your child can do both, just for today. 

Once they have watched the video, they can complete the sheet. 

The video is based on the maths scheme we follow and have been following throughout lockdown but as there is a teaching video, I thought you may find this useful.