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Friday 15th May

Please choose a bear or cuddly from this week that you can write a postcard to. We will be doing topic work based around Happy Bear's friends next week. The postcard template is below. 

And there will be a few more friends to learn about next week too. 


Thursday 14th May

Proud Cloud

Ask your child ‘What are you proud of?’ Talk about their achievements and what they should be proud of – i.e. learning to ride a bike, swimming without armbands, reading a book, coping so well in lockdown, their family bonds. Fill in the proud clouds (doc attached below) or draw your own.


Wednesday 13-5-20

Go outside and look at the clouds. 

Take a walk outdoors to reinforce the children’s ideas, spotting and describing different types, shapes and colours of clouds.

 Talk about words that describe different types of clouds.

 Words might include: fluffy, wispy, rainy, puffy, thin, floating and drifting.

Draw a large cloud in their home learning book and ask them to write words describing the clouds – encourage them to sound the words out – keep it simple and do 4 or 5 words.


Tuesday 12-5-20

Ask your child, “How can you catch a raindrop?” List different ideas. Pick one suggestion and work out a chronological sequence of steps for doing it.

Your child might suggest catching raindrops in a tub, on paper, in their mouths, in their hands, or on an umbrella. Ask them to write out how they would do it using chronological language for example, First, Then, Next, After that and Finally.

Draw their steps – fold a piece of A4 in to quarters or split a page in to 4. Draw 4 pictures showing their steps – write the words: first, next, then, finally at the top.