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Friday 15th May

It's back to our work on volume and capacity today.  You may want to spend some time recapping the work your child did a fortnight ago, looking at how many cups of liquid are needed to fill different vessels.  Then, have a go at the work below.  Some children will manage the first sheet, and might need support.  It's fine for an adult to scribe on Q2.  A few children will manage both sheets. They might find it helpful to draw pictures to solve some of the questions on the second sheet.  Any queries, contact

Thursday 14th May

Flashback 4 below to start.

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's session and you all got to go outside despite the cold! 

Only the sheet below called 'Describe Turns' today. To help, do the actions similar to those completed by Naomi in Video 1. 


Wednesday 13th May - Active Maths

Refer to the Flashback below as normal.

Today we are going to start our maths topic on position.

Watch the videos of Naomi as we have done this lesson to show you what to do! 

Start by asking your child to stand with their arms out in front like a robot - ask them to do a half turn, a quarter turn - repeat a few times till they get the hang of it. (video 1)

Ask your child to set up things around their garden as obstacles to get around. Ask your child to set a start and finishing point - can they direct you/a sibling around the obstacles without you/them falling over the obstacles? (video 2)

Encourage them to use the following words:

forward, backwards, half turn, quarter turn, left and right. 

Make sure you follow their rules even if they are wrong - they will learn from their mistakes.