Rowsley C of E Primary School
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Topic 1

Personal, Social and Emotional & Communication and Language


Make a thought cloud and add things you are thankful for.

Cut out a cloud and add rainbow strips with words or captions with things we are thankful for in this lockdown period.


If you don’t have coloured strips, you can write the words/captions in different rainbow colours.


Topic 2

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Talk to your child about the things that are around them - are they man-made or natural? 

Ask your child to go and find you some things that are man-made and then whilst you are out on your walk, can they collect  some things that are natural. Bring them home and mix them with the man-made things, can your child sort them?

Make a poster - split a page from their home learning book in to 2. Label one side natural and the other man-made. They can stick their natural things down and draw pictures of their man-made objects. Encourage your child to label their findings. 


Topic 3

Expressive Art and Design

LO: Outline personal likes and dislikes regarding a piece of art.

Look at artist Berndnaut Smilde’s moving cloud installations.

Consider questions such as: How did the artist make them? What types of cloud are they? Think of materials that could be used to make big clouds, have a go at making your own clouds using bundles of bubble wrap, tissue, ribbon, clear plastic sheeting, cotton wool, recycled materials, pillows. Etc. No recording needed.


Topic 4

Physical Development

PE with Jon