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Monday 18th May

Flashback 4

Start by asking them questions such as: How long does it take to get to school? How long would it be if we walked/drove? What can you do in half an hour/three quarters of an hour/one hour? 


Complete 'Compare durations of time' sheet.


Tuesday 19th May


I hope you have all been keeping up with the daily temperature updates on the main FireAnts page.

If not make sure that this week, you give your child the opportunity to look at the temperatures and compare them - find the difference between them. Negative numbers doesn't come in until juniors but I do this every year and this is a good start to discuss negative numbers with them, even if they can't calculate with them. 

After you have done this, complete the Temperature sheet below. 

Friday 5th June

This was the work originally planned for the Friday before the half term break, but I only realised that afternoon that it hadn't uploaded and so I imagine not many children completed it.  As there were two activities, those who started it might not have finished.  As such, I'll leave it up for today's task.  If your child has already completed it, they could do more practice of telling the time here: 

selecting the 'to the nearest 5 minutes' option,


LO: To understand how to use metres and centimetres when measuring.


Check that your child remembers that 1m = 100cm before trying out the two activities below.  Most children will find the first activity quite achievable and move fairly quickly onto the second.  Don’t worry if your child is unable to complete both activities; stop after around half an hour.