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Week beginning 17-05-20


This week I would like you to do a mini project about a different place. Go back to Teddy Travels - all the teds from week 1 – click on the sunflower- and this weeks Teds (I have put all of this week’s bears on together) and choose a place where one of the teddies/cuddlies live and research it.

There are lots to places to choose from.

This will probably take up a few pages in your topic books or you can make your own book.

Remember presentation is key.

You don’t need to share this with me until the end of the week or you can save it and share it when you return to school – we will spend some time looking at them then.


Choose at least 3 from the list below and your fourth must be the Teddy Bears’ picnic. They can be done in any order and cover the 4 topic sessions from Monday to Thursday.

Things to think about:

  • What would you pack if you were going there on holiday? You could draw pictures and label them or write a list inside a suitcase shape (template below)
  • How you would you get there? Plan your journey. Find out the route. You could print of a map and draw on your journey, you could write it up and illustrate your journey. Make tickets or teddy passports for your journey. 
  • Lots of countries have national costumes, you could draw a picture of the national dress.
  • What is the country’s flag? Draw it or print it off.
  • Do they speak a different language? If so learn some phrases or how to count to 10.
  • What geographical features are there from your chosen place? Look for human and physical landmarks - make a poster or presentation about them. 
  • Do they have any different species of animal? Find out about them – draw and label them and add some facts.
  • Do they have a famous sports person or team? Find out about the team/personality – draw their kit or their equipment. Example: The bear from Cold Springs, Ontario belongs to a dragon boat racing team member – find out about dragon boat racing – draw the boat. It could be that they have a famous football team – draw the kit.


Plan a Teddy Bear’s picnic with food from that place – if you can’t get any of the food you could make it with mud, playdough, plasticine or draw pictures – be creative. Set up the teddy bears’ picnic in your garden and have fun serving them – or invite your family to the picnic with their teddies. Take some photos to add to your topic pages. Photos of picnics can be sent at any time for me to put on the website.


Happy Travels, Mrs Hewitt