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Session 5 (Friday)

Write a postcard to one of the teddies featured on our class page. On one side you will need to write their name and where they are from so I know who to send it  to! 

Please see the PowerPoint on postcard writing. I have attached a template but you can do it in the writing book if that is easier. 


Session 4

Phonics Practice - look at what your child has planned for them today in the phonics section of the page. Concentrate on their letter formation and knowing their sounds; being able to read and write the captions and words for this week. 

Play on log in with username: March20 password: home

Go to resources, buried treasure, start, phase 3 your child should be able to do sets 1 -7 plus consonant digraphs and some set 1-7 plus vowel digraphs. 


Session 3

Today you are going to write about your walk using the time connectives; First, Then, Next, Finally 

Please complete this in their writing book – you can do one or two per page, (you may want to write the time connective for them or write them out on a scrap piece of paper and get your child to copy it). First we saw a butterfly. Then we played by the river, Next I stood at the gate. Finally I saw a heron etc – encourage them to sound the words out, writing down the sounds they can hear – sound it out slowly like a robot, encourage them to spell 'we' independently . We had looked at he, she, we, me,be before lockdown. Don't forget to share your work by emailing it to me. 


Session 2

Watch the Spring PowerPoint (attached below). Did you see any of the signs of Spring from the PPT on your walk? 

Lay out your seasonal treasures collected on yesterday's walk and talk about where they were collected. 

If you only took photos look at them in order by printing them off and ordering them, copy and pasting them on to a Word or PPT  or just looking at the photos and talking about the walk . 

Ask your child to retell the whole ‘walk story’ in order. Encourage them to use the words First, Then, Next, Finally

Make sure that you talk with your child about how these things are found in Spring and that Spring is one of the four seasons. 

You could video your child retelling their story walk and email it to me. I would love to see them. 

There is no written work today. 


Session 1 

Go on a walk in your local area (we can still do this with responsible social distancing). Look at the sky, what are the cloud patterns? Is it rainy, windy, sunny? Stand still and feel the weather on your face – what does it feel like? Encourage your child to use words to describe the weather i.e. gloomy, dull, wispy, fluffy clouds, warm, pleasant, blustery, breezy, overcast, bright, drizzly

Talk about things you see and experience on your walk – link it to Spring – look for buds on trees, bluebells, new shoots, lambs, birds collecting twigs for nests, butterflies, bees, celandines (yellow flowers that look like buttercups), wild garlic, ducklings, frogspawn etc.

You could take photos,  draw pictures or take examples of their finds for later in the week but please talk to your child about how we need to leave the area as we find it and for others to enjoy and although it is not illegal to pick wildflowers, it is illegal to uproot them.