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Monday 22nd June

Reading focus

Click on log in with fireants and Rowsley username and password. Type ‘Ducks’ in the search box. Encourage your child to read the book independently, sounding out and blending the words, there is an audio reading of the book if they can’t do it independently so they can read along. Once finished complete the activities at the top of the page.


Tuesday 23rd June

Personal, Social & Emotional link

Click on listen and watch the story Owl Babies.

In the story, the babies’ mother goes hunting to get food to feed the babies. The babies take care of each other when they are scared. Talk about how families take care of each other. Discuss how the owl babies must have felt when they were on their own on the branch. Have they ever felt scared? What could the babies do to make themselves feel better? Why do they think Sarah suggested that all of the owls sat together? Does it feel better when you have your friends and family around you?


Draw and label the people who take care of you at home.


Wednesday 24th June

Writing focus

It is important that children at this age become familiar with a story and start to join in. This is a fantastic book for this so watch and listen to it again and encourage your child to join in with the "all owls think a lot" and "I want my mummy" parts.


Complete the attached missing poster describing the mother owl - a great way to introduce descriptive words!

Thursday 25th June

Writing Focus

Listen and watch again - let them join in without encouragement


Write a simple letter to the Owl Babies with some ideas of what they could do if they start to feel scared or worried in future. You can help with spellings, but encourage them to write some words independently. At this stage, they should be writing simple sentences unaided. The words do not have to be spelt correct but should show some awareness of initial and final letter sounds and in some cases be readable without intonation. The letter should be written in their writing books and should contain a few sentences. The word mat below, may help.