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Monday 27-04-20

See the phonics page for today's lesson


Tuesday 28-04-20

Look at the word rain

what rhymes with rain - this fits with the phonics sound 'ai'

(examples rain, pain, train, gain, train, main, cane, Jane, sane, lane). These can be written in their writing books and illustrated. 

Take some water outside to make the rain - or if it is raining go and splash in puddles. What does the rain feel like? What words can they use for playing in the rain i.e. splish, splosh, splash, wet, drip, drop etc 

Write the describing words in their writing books - this can be written in blue, written in raindrops or you could draw an umbrella and write the words underneath it. 


Wednesday 29th April

Look at the pictures of the wind attached below, talk to your child about how they would feel in these pictures or how the animals feel in these pictures. 

Choose one or two of the pictures and ask your child to write a simple caption or sentence about the picture - they can then draw it.


The dog likes the wind. The trees bend in the wind. 


Thursday 30th April

Watch this video about a kite festival in France 

Discuss the kites with your child - which were their favourite? Why? Would they like to go to the kite festival? 

In their writing books, draw their favourite kites and write a few sentences on them.


I like the blue kite. I like the teddy kite best. The blue kite was big. 

Friday 1st May

Look back at this week's teddies - draw or paint a picture of one of the teddies and write a sentence or two about them. 

Make sure you send me photos of your child's work so that I can send them on to the teddies' owners.