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Week beginning 27-04-20

For the starters this week I have left off the True&False questions and written some notes on how to do the fraction questions as I know some of the children are finding them tricky. Thank you for your feedback. 


Monday 27-04-20

So we have done subtractions with a number line and with chips and peas, so now we are moving on to column subtraction. Here is the method, below are the 10 calculations they nee to do.



Tuesday 28-04-20

Complete the flashback 4

Today is an active maths session and an assessment of the last few weeks. 

Below are some maths questions, a mix of additions and subtractions. 

Either print these off or write them on scrap paper and hide them around the house or garden. Your child must run and find the cards and do the calculation to work it out. They can use any method they like - chips and peas, column or number line where applicable, whichever they are most confident with. 


Wednesday 29-04-20

Today we are moving on to position and direction> I am hoping all the children will be able to do this online activity.

Today is an interactive-ICT-maths kind of a day. To start them off on their new maths topic they can go on 2Go on Purple Mash and have a play at setting instructions to get an object from one place to another. There is no recording needed today. 

All the children are used to using the Purple Mash website but here are some step by step instructions. 

Go to

Click find my school’s login page

Type in Rowsley

Double click on our school

Type in the username and login sent to you via parenthub

Search 2go on purplemash (your child should go to the bee with 4 arrows)

They can choose their background and then direct the object around using the arrow keys.

To extend click on the cog (top right) which gives other options to move.

If you have any issues getting on, please email me. 


Thursday 30-4-20 - Happy 100th Birthday Cpt Tom Moore

As mentioned yesterday, this is the start of a new topic for Y2s. This is a really important part of maths and is in the National Curriculum so needs to be followed.

Every day, I am putting on the temperatures in 4 places around the world. Being able to tell the difference between temperatures covers subtraction and a measurement aspect of the National Curriculum. If you could start off every maths session looking and comparing the temperatures that would be great, They don't need to read negative (minus) numbers in Y2, that is just to show them that it is cold!! But don't stop them if they are interested. 

Position and Direction is part of Geometry. 


1. Compare temperatures

2. Flashback 4

3. Position and direction worksheet - this isn't hard and knowing your children as I do, your child should be able to do this easily. If you can't print off then do what you can verbally, with your child showing you the positions on the screen. 

Presentation is still important - remember to use a ruler for ALL lines in books and on worksheets and to write one digit per square. 

If you would like to extend your child further with their maths they can continue to learn their times tables on times table rock stars All children had login details in their reading records. Or you can go on Purple Mash or do some simple coding with them on This is a good one to start with and includes position and direction