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Group 3

Day 1 : Longer session to be done as English

Practise the following sounds  qu, sh, ch, th, ng, ai  – make the actions for sh (shushing with finger over mouth), ch (choo-choo arm actions), th (sticking tongue out as a naughty clown), ng (strongman) ai (hand to ear as though you can’t hear). Can your child write these sounds down?

Ask your child to write the words – ship, shell, chip, chop, that, this, ring, song, rain, train

In their writing books can they write: The rain fell on the chip shop. The train is long and red. I can sing a long song.  I have a pain in my leg.

They can write the sentences and illustrate.

Day 2

Sing the alphabet song.

Today we are learning the ee sound.  Watch

Can your child find anything around the house with the ee sound in like Geraldine?

Practise writing the ee sound in the air, on the back of their hand, outside with water and paintbrush – nothing formal.


Day 3

Practice their sounds: qu, sh, ch, th, ng, ai , ee

Try to read these words: see, feel, weep, feet, meet, deep, ree, leeb, deet, meep

Now do the ee sheet.


Day 4

Can your child write the ee sound? Can they give you any words that have the ee sound in?

Read these captions: He can see his big feet. I feel sad in the rain. A cat can meet a rat. The sheep is wet.

Can they chose one of the captions to write out?


Group 2

Monday 4th May – This is your English session today as it is a bit longer.

Revise all the sounds done so far- choose some from this list and ask them to write them down: j, v, w, x, y, z, qu, sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar

Ask your child to write these words, asking them to sound out the sounds carefully focusing on the ‘oo’ (long and short oo) and ar

Your child can illustrate these words too: park, book, card, moon, star, boot, jar, foot, car

If you have a printer, print off the sheet – cut up the pictures and words and hide them around the room. Can they run around, find them and pair them up?

Read the following captions:

The moon is light. A star is not dark. A big boot is on a foot. The red car is in the park. The jar of jam is on the shelf. This book on boats, is good.


Day 2

Sing the alphabet song

We are going to introduce a new sound ‘or’ so watch

Using their finger, practise writing ‘or’ on the ground, in the air, on your back.

Read: for, fork, sort, born, worn, torn, hard, park, cook, boot.

Now focus on the or words in these captions:  Is a fork sharp? Will a fish forget things? Will a fort be big? Is a boot short? Can a coat get torn on a thorn? Is a torch bright? Is corn red? Do bees buzz in the morning? Your child can read them with you and give you a thumbs up of they think yes or a thumbs down if they think no!

Day 3

Recap on: ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or – ask your child to write them down – this does not need formal recording so can be done outside with water and a paintbrush, chalk or on scrap paper.

Complete one of the sheets – there are three – I would like your child to complete the 1 star activity (see bottom of the sheet) but if they can, they can do any of the other sheets – there is an answer sheet at the end.

Day 4

Today we are learning to spell two syllable words.


 Look at the words: chicken, jacket, velvet, wicked, zigzag, liquid, tonight, boatman, rooftop, market, farmyard with your child.

Clap the words out – chick – en, jack – et, wick - ed, zig – zag, li – quid, vel - vet, to – night, roof - top, mar – ket, farm – yard.

Can they find anything else around the house with two syllables? Get them to check i.e hair – brush.