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Early Years Topic Tasks

Week beginning 29-06-20 - these can be done in any order


Session 1

Green zone activity. See the Tree sub-page.


Session 2

Physical development. See the Baseball Bat sub-page


Session 3 

Owl Baking

Get creative in the kitchen by baking some owl biscuits or owl cupcakes. Here are a few ideas that show my limitations as a baker - there are plenty of other ideas online should you be that way inclined!! or

Session 4 

Owl Life Cycle

Look at the PPT on the life cycle of a Barn Owl. Discuss the stages with your child. 

Complete the activity - if you don't have a printer you could draw the stages instead. There are differentiated sheets - choose the ones most suitable for your child. 

Session 5 PSHE 
(Friday - any queries please email



Unit: Changes
LO: To think about changes I am looking forward to.

Ask your child to remember some of the emotions they thought of linked to changes - excited, happy, worried etc.  Discuss that looking for positive things can help us not worry so much about the changes we are less keen on.  Ask your child what they are looking forward to as they move up a year group - this can be related to school in general and probably will include things they already do this year e.g. playing with their friends, using the laptops at school, doing art etc.  They might also mention things like a new teacher or just 'being a Y1' etc.


Cut up some coloured A4 (or white A4 that your child can colour) into 3 strips longwise.  Record in pictures and/or writing different things they are excited about and staple them together to make a paper chain to celebrate the changes to come.