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EYFS Writing

Monday 6th July

Go to

Username: fireants

Password: Rowsley

Read the book called Big, Bad Bug - this has audio so your child can listen and follow the words first, then they can have a go at reading it themselves. 

Then play activity 1 and activity 2 (you need to keep clicking on the blue arrow as this marks it then helps you move on). 

Tuesday 7th July

If you can access PowerPoint, I have done some audio for this week's text, Tad - I have read the text so far and asked some questions.

If you can only open PDFs, then you will need to read the story to your child - in which case you need to know that I have missed a page out as it give away details they need for the task.

Task - after reading, draw a picture of what you think Big Blub looks like! Write a sentence about Big Blub - try to sound the words out.

Example: Big Blub is a fish. 

Wednesday 8th July

Listen to the next part of the story.

Look at the picture below, the tadpoles are swooshing and wiggling through the water. Find a space and be a tadpole, can you swoosh and wiggle?

In the style of Benji Davies, draw the froglets. What words would you use to describe how they move? Write them down. 

Thursday 8th July

Read/listen to the next instalment of Tad, we will finish it off next week. The whole story so far is on PDF but it won't let me put the whole PPT on so there is another instalment attached (with me reading if your child wants to listen). 

Tad has changed all the way through the book. How did she start off? What does she look like now?

Draw Tad and her tadbrother or tadsister, draw them in the style of Benji Davies. 

Write at least one sentence independently, sounding out if you can i.e. This is Tad. Tad is a frog. Tad has 2 legs. Tad has a tail. 



Friday 3rd July

Phonics writing session

Your updated sound for the week was emailed on Wednesday.

Today is a longer phonics writing session and suggestions will have been sent on the email.