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Green Zone Activities

Although these activities have been broken down into weeks, you can complete them in any order. 


Week 1

Create a leafy beanstalk - you can do this with different paper like the one below but the idea is to get you outside - so go and collect different leaves - look for different shapes, sizes and colours, you may want to include some sticks and flowers too. Make your creation on the ground and add a little man/woman to climb it - this could be drawn or be a toy i.e. Lego or Playmobile. How long can you make your beanstalk? 

This links to our first text and bean planting

Week 2

Create an outdoor reading den  - this can be done with sticks, blankets, cushions, cardboard boxes, in a shed or play house - be creative, anything goes. Make it comfy and take a selection of books, curl up and read with your teddy, brother or sister, mum or dad, a pet, or by yourself. 

Freddie, Naomi and I made one a few weeks ago with some polystyrene sheets that came with our new fridge-freezer. It was great - even the cat loved it! Then the wind blew it down! The cat was unharmed. 

Week 3

Observe, recreate, imagine

There are loads of patterns in nature and I am really looking forward to seeing what the children create. You could do one detailed or two simple for this week's activity. 

Week 4

Make nature cakes, mud medallions or take the Mud Pie Challenge (see additional sheet at the bottom of the page). 

Take your pick!! The choice is yours. 

Week 5

Create a woodland frame using sticks and make a transient art picture using nature (and chalk if you like).



Week 6

Journey stick/journey mobile/journey boards

Go out for a walk through some woods, down to a river, in the fields or just in your garden. 

Collect some momentos on your journey and attach them to a a stick or board. See the images for ideas.

You have a choice from the following options:

Journey Stick

Collect things and attach to the stick using string - your child may need help with this.

You will need a good stick, some string/wool or Selotape for this activity. 

Journey board

The idea with this one is that your child chooses lots of colours and puts it on paper behind the string or wool, then collects items of that colour as they go. 

You will need a good strong piece of cardboard, some wool/string, paper and felt pens. 

Journey Mobile

You will need a stick and string/wool for this activity.


Week 7

Make a nature creature! Use whatever you can find from the outdoors and make a creature that we have learned about, or one you are going to find out about. You could make your own woodland of animals if you like, you don't have to sick to just one!