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This week, we are learning and consolidating everything we know about shape. 

Spend some time on these shape games! 

8th January Counting

11th January - Matching pairs

12th January - Finding Numbers

Have a go at making repeated patterns with objects from around your home. 

When you have done that, can you count how many objects you have found? 

13th January - Repeated Patterns

Children in school, can you find objects around school and make a repeated pattern with the objects? How many objects have you got?

14th January - Matching objects and numbers

Extension - counting beyond 10 and putting them in order from least to greatest.


15th January - Positional Language

Extension - practice writing your numbers 1-10 (to 20 if you're feel like you want a challenge). Make sure they are the correct way round and correctly formed.

18th January - Finding the number 6

19th January - All about number 7

20th Janaury - Grouping

Practice your number formation 0-10 (0-20 if you want a challenge). 

Making sure all your numbers are the correct way round.