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This week, we are learning and consolidating everything we know about shape. 

Spend some time on these shape games! 

8th January Counting

11th January - Matching pairs

12th January - Finding Numbers

Have a go at making repeated patterns with objects from around your home. 

When you have done that, can you count how many objects you have found? 

13th January - Repeated Patterns

Children in school, can you find objects around school and make a repeated pattern with the objects? How many objects have you got?

14th January - Matching objects and numbers

Extension - counting beyond 10 and putting them in order from least to greatest.


15th January - Positional Language

Extension - practice writing your numbers 1-10 (to 20 if you're feel like you want a challenge). Make sure they are the correct way round and correctly formed.

18th January - Finding the number 6

19th January - All about number 7

20th Janaury - Grouping

Practice your number formation 0-10 (0-20 if you want a challenge). 

Making sure all your numbers are the correct way round.

21st January - All about the number 8

22nd Janaury - One more than

Numberblocks - Add Another One

25th January - Adding two single digits

Single Digit Addition - Supporting material

26th January - One to one correspondance

One-to-one correspondence when counting is very important. It is important that you only count a certain object once when trying to find a total. To practice this you could gather a set of objects in a jar or any other container, and to find the total you could physically move the objects out of that container until you have none left. Using objects to practice this will help understand this concept and will minimise the chances of you counting the object again and again.

27th January - Number Hunt & Number Formation

Still image for this video
29th January - Numbers to 20

1st February - Addition

Pick one of the three tasks attached (you can do all three if you would like). Can you find objects from around your house or in your garden to represent these number sentences.

2nd February - Comparing

9th February - Comparing numbers

More Than Fewer Than Song