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Knowing about Gnashers!

The Spitfires had a fantastic workshop on Thursday with Mrs Thorne, a local Dentist. They explored the parts of a tooth, the different types of teeth, as well as dental hygiene! They learned how to brush properly and saw example of what happens if you don’t!

They had the chance to practice brushing on the extra-large teeth, use sugar wheels to sort food into high and low sugar (we were shocked how much sugar is in a can of baked beans!), we even tried to squeeze the correct ‘pea-sized’ amount of toothpaste. 

The children also received a brilliant goody bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth mirror, surgical mask (just in case!) and a lots of other bits and pieces. It was a great morning and again learning through first hand experiences.


The children were superb ambassadors for the school, working hard and learning lots.