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School Closure - Working at Home

As you will be aware schools have been directed to close at the end of the school day on Friday 20th March in order prevent the spread of COVID19. This is because the government believe that minimising social contact will slow the spread of the virus. We would ask you to follow these guidelines, however difficult they may be, in your personal lives and ensure that your child has limited contact with others. There are many decisions to be made in a short period of time so please be patient as we work hard to get things right for you as parents, and for the children.


As a staff we have carefully considered how we can support you to continue your child’s learning at home and we have made the following arrangements:


Each school day your child’s class teacher will use the school website to set: an English activity, a Maths activity and another subject. Your child’s class teacher will also give some further details about additional tasks that your child can do, including a list of further websites that you can use with your child. I must stress that it is the expectation that your child will do this work at home and this will be communicated to the children in school today.


Teachers will put their email addresses at the top of the class pages and, if you have any problems, you can contact the teachers and they will do all that they can to support you within the limitations of distance learning. However, please do not expect an instant response – I am encouraging staff to check messages once each day. Please feel free to email teachers great work that your child has done or photos. We will share these on our class pages and will still reward the children with dojo points for good work - which will earn a class reward when we return to school.


You are also welcome to use the school Facebook page to contact staff but please do not use personal social media channels to contact them.


Today your child has also been given reading books to take home and we expect children to read daily, either using the books provided by school, or their own books at home. They have also been provided with a variety of reading challenges from Year 2 upwards. We will send an empty exercise books that children can use to complete their work.


We are going to trial this system for the next couple of weeks when we will review how it is working. Please email me with your comments


These arrangements do rely on staff staying well. If your child’s class teacher, or their children, become unwell, there are a large number of websites that provide learning activities for children that you can access. Please note that it has been confirmed that children will not take statutory tests this year. This includes the Year 1 phonics check, Year 2 SATs, Year 4 times table check and Year 6 SATs.


Finally, it has been agreed that I will stay on at school as Headteacher until the end of the summer term in order to support school through this challenging time, which I am more than happy to do.


What a strange time! Please be assured of our best wishes as you work with your children at home and we hope that we will see you all sooner than we might expect!


With our very best wishes, love and prayers


Caroline and all of the Rowsley team