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White Hall

Wonderful White Hall week…


On the 15th October (Wednesday) the Concordes were all excited about going to White Hall. Then the dreaded walk! This was the five mile walk! Uggg! “Are we nearly there yet?” I cried, I must have said it a million times. However, after that huge walk we had lunch which was glorious.

That was all before we had even arrived at White Hall. When I first walked in it was amazing, so clean. Then it was dormitory time. By the end of the first night we all had joke names, including; Sir Trumps-a-lot and Mr Sneezy!

We did lots a different activities; the rope course, orienteering, night hiking, caving, zip wire, climbing wall and stream scrambling.

I enjoyed everything about White Hall. It was so exciting and a great new experience!

Written by Lily