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P.E Activities

Your child should aim to be doing 60 minutes of physical exercise a day! Giving them a focus , playing games and strengthening their bodies all contribute towards a happy and healthy child. 

I have included more than 7 weeks worth of activities so that you can choose which ones you want to do.

I have chosen them carefully and they are all doable at home or in an open space - I appreciate that we haven't all got gardens with lots of space but we are now able to go to parks and there are plenty of fields around us. 

In some of the images on the work cards, the character looks to be throwing a beanbag, this isn't something I have at home but you can use a ball or even a rolled up pair of socks or a cuddly toy instead. 

1. Start your child with a 60 second challenge 

2. Choose one or two of the Home PE activities 

3. Get your child to set the activities up 

4. Get active and have fun!


Active Derbyshire  and the Derbyshire SGO Network have worked in partnership to develop a series of free dance resources that are aimed at KS1 pupils.

“Dance Around the World” resources comprise of a video of approx. 10 minutes which includes a warm up, dance routine (linked to a country) and a simple worksheet to accompany each dance.  Two resources will be released each week with the first two being Africa and Egypt and can be downloaded from:

Here are some additional ideas for you.