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6th January - /ch/

Can you find things around your house with the sound /ch/?

7th January - Tricky Words

8th January - Tricky Words

11th January - /th/

14th January - /ai/

15th January /ee/


18th January /igh/

19th January /oa/

20th January - /oo/

21st January - /ar/

22nd January - /or/

25th/26th January 

Please use today and tomorrow revising the sounds above. 

Consolidate learning by using the link to games at the top of the page.

27th January /ur/

29th January Tricky Words - Phase 3

1st February /ow/

2nd February /oi/

3rd February - Reading captions

Phase 3 Phonics Blending to Read

4th February /ear/

5th February /air/

/air/ activity

8th February - Lets learn our sight word 'they'

9th February /ure/