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Pupil Council


  • The school council will meet, with a teacher present (Mrs Hewitt) - to discuss and sort out problems. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.
  • Members of the school council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning discos, writing newspaper articles, or meeting with catering staff.


Since the arrival of Mrs Poole we have elected a new school council.

The new council is made up of 2 children from every year group from Year 2 to Year 6. The children were elected into this position by their peers. 

The children will meet regularly and report back during a Thursday Team Time so that all the children know what they are planning and any action taken. 


The new team will meet to discuss future issues and fund-raising in the Summer Term.

What have we done so far? 

Already we have discussed the fact that children on Black Level books would like to be allowed to read books from other levels. This was discussed and agreed by the staff much to the delight of the children. This matter arose due to the introduction of many new and exciting books which spanned the reading bands. 


Playtimes in the yard have changed so that we now play hockey and mixed football.


The school council arranged a great Children in Need fundraiser with guess the name of the bear (Mrs Anderson dressed in a Pudsey onesie for this one) and a dress as you like - all different all equal theme. 


Looking back at past proposals we can see what action has been taken already. 


As a Pupil Council we talked about what we felt needed to improve in school.

We have chosen the following key areas to tackle this year.


1. To develop a plan to improve the children’s toilets: this is an ongoing problem and we have had quotes to deal with these issues, however funding is currently not available to make any major improvements.

  • Decoration
  • Usage
  • Smell

2. To promote healthy lifestyles by developing playtimes:

  • Improve trim trail - the trim trial has been made safe and has been cleaned. It is now open and used at play times by Years 3-6 Monday to Thursday and Years 1 & 2 on a Friday.
  • Look at how the sport pitch is used - this has been discussed with the school during a Team Time and is a contentious issue which has now been resolved.
  • Develop range of competitions – sports and non-sporting. The children frequently attend competitive events such as netball, athletics, benchball and football tournaments. We will look at non-sporting competitions with the new council.

3. To promote a love of reading in school by redesigning the library:

  • Develop the layout for the way the spaces use - the library has been re-decorated and new blinds, cushions and slogans added as well as lots of wonderful new books.
  • Raise money for new shelving and seating - money has been raised or kindly donated and shelving suggestions and seating changes have now been completed.
  • Improve the selection of books - The staff recently spent £1000 on new books, both fiction and non-fiction, for across the whole school.

4. To enhance the education in school by develop range of clubs:

  • Find out from children what clubs they would like - There is currently a netball club, a games club, and an art club run by the teachers. The village hall have introduced 2 new clubs for children: Yoga and Dance and Progressive Sports run a multi sports and a football club. Clubs will be on the agenda for the new council to discuss.
  • Look at a range of free clubs and paid clubs - see above
  • Think about Year 6 children leading lunchtime clubs - this was started, new equipment has been provided thanks to the collection of Sainsbury's vouchers and the mid-day supervisors are also leading activities at lunchtime.


5. To develop our understanding of money management by planning and organising a social event for school. This will be top of the agenda at the next school council meeting. The children have had some interesting ideas already. 



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