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Here are your spellings for this week. 

8th January - Super short stories

This is going to be your English lesson for today.


Lets practise your spellings!.


I would like you to use ALL your spelling words to create a short story. Be creative! Be crazy! Use this time to focus on your handwriting.


11th January (ere) (eer)

These are your spellings for the week. 

Every day, I will post  an activity that you can do to practice your spellings.

12th January

Write the first letter of the word. Underneath it, write It again and add the next letter to the word. Repeat this process until you complete the word. And you'll have your very own pyramid e.g.


                              t h

                             t h e

                            t h e r

                           t h e r e : 



13th January

- Please do this activity with the spellings that you got incorrect today. If you got full marks, use this time to consolidate your learning. I will be setting new spellings tomorrow. 

Spelling practise today includes making a wonderful piece of art! 

Make each word into its own work of art by writing it in a fantastic font. You could try bubble writing, making the word pop in 3D, or even writing it in different colours of the rainbow. 


Have fun!

15th January Spellings


How fast can you write your spelling words? 

Time how quick you can do this, and then try and beat your time next time. 

22nd January spellings

5th February - Spellings