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Teddy Travels - all the Teds

Here are Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy with Pierre, a fine mouse. 

They are from St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
Temperature: 27C with thundery showers and a moderate breeze but the forecast is high twenties to thirty degrees with sunshine for the rest of the week.


This is Pooh Bear and he lives in Jerusalem. This photo was taken at dusk.  It was a beautiful day, sunny with some cotton clouds and still pleasant - around 38 degrees. In the summer, it is very hot!

Hi there,
I am in quarantine with my owners in the city of Calgary in Canada. My name is Justin; when my owners took this photo, I was sat in the last patch of melting snow.

The photo has taken a while to reach me and was taken about 3 weeks ago – the snow has gone and the temperatures this week in Calgary are ranging from 21C to 8C with thundery showers and sleet. Sounds similar to the British weather last week.



Hi, my name is Polo the Polar Bear. I am sitting on the balcony of a house in Bristol, England.
This week the temperature is about 18C with sunny intervals. I belong to Mary and Simon. Mary has been helping Mrs Hewitt to contact lots of Happy Bears other friends from around the world. Thank you, Mary.


Our final bear of the topic is Solomon. Solomon comes from Asheville, North Carolina in America. This week it is about 20C and they have thunder storms and showers. 

Solomon likes to stay in touch with his relatives and they often come to visit him in the garden!!!


These two bears live in Whitby, but not the Whitby in this country! They live in Ontario in Canada!!

The first one is called Jack; he is a polar bear but he found that his ice had melted so much from climate change that he ended up in Karen's front flower bed. This picture was taken in the sunshine a little before eight in the morning. It’s sunny and about 7 C now, but rain is coming! The second picture is of Van. Van was a mascot for the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. He’s sheltering on the BBQ because the rain has now begun.

Goody lives in Athens in Greece. He is currently on lockdown on his balcony and loves to play hide and seek in the plants. Today is a beautiful day and a lovely 23 degrees.

Zaza lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia in Canada. The weather is typically like the Mediterranean and today it is 15 degrees and sunny although it rained overnight. Zaza lives with a lovely little girl called Chloe. He and Happy Bear are good friends because they both like wearing the colour blue! 

This is Grrr. He lives in Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand with a young lady called Bella, It is cloudy, windy, 16 deg C and about to start raining. 

Our final ted of the week lives in Cold Springs in Ontario, Canada and belongs to my friend Claudia’s son. He is a member of the dragonboat racing team, Brainwaves in Cold Springs.

He was given to Claudia’s son when he was born. He is 20 years old now. In bear age that must be very old.

In Cold Springs last week, it was -1◦!!! Today it is 15◦.

Cold Springs is just over the border from America! See if you can find it on a map


Today there is a rather lovely setting for our bear: 

My name is Pink Strawberry and I live on a lake in Michigan. It is sunny and nice today and about 12 ◦ but it snowed every day last week!

Pink Strawberry told me there are about 11,000 lakes in the state of Michigan!! I wonder which one she lives on?


My name is Max the Mallard Duck.

Here I am among the forget-me-nots in my garden in Totnes, Devon, England.

There is going to be light rain showers with clouds and a bit of a cool breeze. The temperature is 14o.

Our next friend isn’t a teddy but he is still a good friend of Happy Bear’s. This is Robbie the Robot and he belongs to Christina – Christina is from Greece (her parents own Goody) and she works in robotics! How cool is that? 

Robbie lives in London where the temperature today is 16◦ . It is sunny with light showery rain later.

Hello! Here are Little Owl and Big Owl, sitting in a garden in Scotland. They belong to Joan and Eric. Joan and Eric are related to one of the teachers at Rowsley. Can you guess which one? 

Big and Little Owl live about 15 miles south of Edinburgh.When the photo was taken, it was bright and sunny. You can see the lovely blue sky in the photograph. There is not a cloud in the sky.

However it is not warm today. The temperature is about 11 deg. The forecast says it will be about this temperature for the next few days.


Today's friend is called Fluffy.

Fluffy is from the Seychelles Islands and belongs to Chloe. 

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands with sunshine for 365 days with occasional rain. 

The current temperature is 31 degrees, they may have a thundery shower later.

I think I would like to be where Fluffy is right now! 


Today's bear belongs to a relative of one of reception children.

I hope this is a lovely surprise for her when she sees this.

This bear lives in sunny Cyprus and is used to having special visitors, due to the lockdown this hasn't happened this year. 

This is UniBear from White Lake, New York state. When this was taken it was sunny, and there had been some rain and snow the week before and was only 2⁰C. I’m glad to say that in the last week it has warmed up for them and today it is 14⁰C with sunny intervals.


So today is May the 4th - May the fourth be with you - Happy Star Wars Day.

Some very apt bears!

Can you see who these bears belong to? A very familiar, smiley face.  Darth Bear and Bear Trooper flew all the way here from Thailand, with Sam obviously as they don't have their own passports!

Sam brought his bears from Phuket City where today it is lovely and warm at 34◦ with sunny intervals.

Greetings from Little Ted in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia. The weather is sunny, and the clouds are scudding across the sky because of the cool, autumn, wind.  The temperature is 18 degrees.

Here are Professor Bear and Ours in the garden having a nice chat in the sun. They are in Amiens, in the north of France. The weather is sunny with blue skies and a slight wind and it is 14 degrees Celsius today.

Professor Bear and Ours have beehives in the garden, and they wanted to show you their honey (these jars are from last year's production). At the moment the bees are enjoying the weather because it is warm enough to go outside and gather pollen and nectar from the flowers in bloom!

Here is Betty and friend.She is in the Algarve in Portugal.The weather is fine, breezy and 19 degrees at 11 am.

Betty doesn’t know how lucky she is! My friend Heather, works in a charity shop and found her chucked in a bin!!! She brought her home and gave her a sponge bath, mended her, gave her a new ribbon and a New Zealand lamb for a friend.They sit on a chair in their playroom!

Here they are sat amongst the geraniums in the garden - how much would you love to be sat amongst the geraniums in the Algarve? 


My name is Banted and I am 105 years old! I live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and I may well be the oldest teddy bear around ! 

It's a lovely but chilly, sunny day today, it is only 10⁰C. I'm enjoying the weather and the cherry blossom! 

Today there are no bears, but a whale and a rabbit!

As you can see from the whale and the rabbit in the photo, the weather in Girona, Spain was raining. Apparently it rained all day! It was 14 degrees. And the rose had almost opened, the Spanish say that when the roses open that the spring is here.

This photo was only last week, but it has warmed up considerably and today it is 25⁰C but still with rainy showers! Whale and rabbit belong to Maria and Umberto, Umberto is a spainish fireman.