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The Goldfinches

Mount Cook videos

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The weather made it difficult to paddle but the children were determined.


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Mount Cook Rockets

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Challenged to build rockets with an egg astronaut! Unfortunately, several eggs were harmed in the making of these videos.


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Mount Cook

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Go karting fun!

My email address, should you have any questions or queries, is


I cannot believe that this fabulous bunch will be leaving in a few months time. 

They were certainly very happy to receive their hoodies.


Summer 1 Topic

It Crawled Out From Under a Rock

Science: Classify and describe living things  - use identification keys and use correct vocabulary to identify mini-beasts, 

Record data & results of increasing complexity using scientific diagrams, labels, classification keys, tables, bar & line graphs & models - mini-beast environment investigation & food chains and food webs, life cycles of mini-beasts, 

Complete own research noting detail on animals and plants in their habitats - look at animal habitats in The UK and around the world, 

Describe the process of sexual reproduction in a familiar animal and why it is important for species survival - stick insect observation

DTSelect and combine materials  - create their own fantasy mini-beast,

Name and select appropriate tools for a task - Design a sensory garden for the school grounds,

Use a range of materials (e.g. wood, card, corrugated plastic) to support mechanisms - start the creation of the sensory garden building raised beds and structures where needed. 

Art: Use simple rules of perspective in drawings of figures and buildings - detailed anatomically correct drawings of mini-beasts using different media

Combine a range of media within a piece of work and explain the desired effect. - create a mixed media collage on metamorphosis

ICT: Understand the need for accuracy when searching for and selecting information - how to build a bug hotel research and presentation (link to instructional writing in English)

Prepare and present information in a range of forms, using ICT safely and responsibly - mini -beast Top Trumps

Geography: Recording observations and measurements, scaled maps - Mini-beasts in our local area and around the world


Non-Fiction Books linked to our topic: 


Bug Hotels

The children created some wonderful 5* bug hotels in the woods. They designed them using mood boards for their research and then built them using things kindly donated (thank you) and things found naturally in the environment. 


Home Learning Tasks

These are optional. Your child will get dojos for anything that they produce and a list of suggested activities can be found at the bottom of the class page. 


School start and finish times are as follows:

Classroom doors will open at 8:50 and close at 9:00.

If you arrive before 8:50, please stay in your car until the classroom door opens, or please make sure that you keep 2m from others. If you arrive after 9:00 please send your child to the main doors and telephone the office to let them know that they have arrived. 

Children can be picked up between 3:20 to 3:30.

Please do not congregate at the wall; your child will be out soon and class teachers will not let them go until they see their parent/guardian/carer. 

At 3:30, any child who has not been collected will be taken back into school, In this event please telephone school to let us know that you have arrived. If you know that you are going to be late, please telephone school and leave a message - we endeavour to check the answer phone at the end of the day. 

Please ensure that you wear a face mask when approaching school. 

Many thanks, stay safe folks! 



The classroom continues to be set out according to the Dfe Guidelines, should you have any questions about this, please email me. 

Please see the risk assessment document should you want to learn more about our Covid safe procedures. 

To aid the children's well-being, we will be going out for walks in the surrounding area as often as possible. We therefore ask that the children have either walking boots or wellies in school every day.

I will also be taking the children to the woods for an extended playtime on a Tuesday. This will not be a structured session. They DO NOT need to come in their woodland clothes. 


Y5/6 will have P.E with Mrs Booker on a Thursday afternoon and will have either Green Zone with Mrs Booker and Mrs Chisholm or R.E with Mrs Cox on a Friday afternoon. They will alternate with Y3/4. 

Friday afternoon is the class teacher's PPA time. 

You will be reminded when your child has Green Zone/P.E via the whiteboard in the playground. 


P.E - EVERY Thursday - your child will need to come to school in their P.E kit.

 They will need to be wearing their full school P.E. kit and trainers. If you do not have the the school P.E. kit then please ensure that your child wears the following: plain navy/black joggers/leggings/shorts/skort; plain white t-shirt; plain navy/black hoodie/jumper.


Green Zone on a Friday - your child should come to school wearing suitable clothing for the weather they do not need to be in uniform on their day (see below for dates). The woods is a sheltered spot and is often cold and damp. Wellies and waterproofs are usually needed so please bring those in a separate bag. Please note that they are outside for approx. 2 hours so must me dressed warmly.  

Our Green Zone Days:

23rd April

7th May

28th May

Planned Residential Trip

Please note that the dates for the trip have been changed slightly. They are now

19th to 21st May. The centre have been approached by many other schools due to the closure of centres following the pandemic. The centre have taken a booking of 60 pupils for the start of the week which they felt would be too many children on site so they have asked if we could have the latter end of the week when there is only another small school on site (20 pupils max). The centre is split into 'wings' with the dinner hall and communal area in between, with fewer children on site, it is easier to maintain social distancing and keep up with the cleaning regime. 

Below is an exemplar timetable for the visit: 


One of the half day activity sessions will be off site at Carsington Waters where we will be doing raft building - all equipment and wetsuits are provided. 

I will be drawing up a kit-list which I will send out nearer the time. 

The centre have assured me that staff will have been vaccinated and I have asked if they can perform lateral flow tests for the time leading up to and during our visit. 

I have planned to go and visit the centre and discuss the activities etc on April 23rd so I will have more information for you after that time. 

Below is a list of the activities that your child may be doing on their visit: 

We will be asking for a deposit of £50 from all attending pupils by the 21st April. 

The remaining cost of £125 will need to be paid by 10th May. You can however pay in full by 21st. Payment needs to be made by cheque to Rowsley CofE Primary School or in cash, unfortunately we have been unable to send up a bank transfer system. 

If you need assistance in paying for the trip, we will be happy to discuss a payment plan. 

As always, please email me (my email address is at the top of the page) should you have any further queries. 

WW2 Day

Thank you so much to all the children who made such a wonderful effort today for our WW2 day. We baked, sewed, sung, danced, ate, played, wrote and plotted WW2 gardens. Thank you also to my mother-in-law, who gave up her day to come and sew with the children and my fabulous TAs (Mrs Stankard and Miss Sutton) whom I would be lost without.

Outdoor learning is so important to the well-being of our children (and staff). Mrs Booker took the Y5/6 to the woods for their first Green Zone session since lockdown. They all had such a lot of fun and came back dirty, smiling and tired! 

It was lovely to hear one of the children saying that the Green Zone wasn't about just one person but about team work!


E-Safety Websites

See the 5 SMART ways to stay safe online poster below for ways to keep your child safe online.