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Google Classroom


All work is now being posted on Google Classroom.  Please contact me by email if you have any problem's accessing this. The schedule for Meets (virtual sessions) is as follows

9.15am - Live maths leson for Y3/4 
11.00am - 12.00 - Live drop-in session if you or your parent have a questions to ask about the work you are completing or want to tell me something.
2.30pm - Story (Alice in Wonderland)


Friday 8th January

Good morning.  Please be aware that I don't work on a Friday so will respond to any emails on Monday.  For that reason, there are also no Google Meets on a Friday.


Finishing - please complete any work which you have not managed to do this week.


Spelling - ask a grown-up to test you on the words you were practising yesterday, then begin learning the words from Week 1 on the document below.  If you usually only learn 5 words, please pick 5 to learn.


PSHE - Planned by Mrs Pawley,  See her message here:

Our new PSHE topic is Exploring Emotions.

If you can put some uplifting music on and think about how this makes you feel? Write down how it made you feel. 

Next smile at someone, ask them to smile back at you. How did that make you feel when someone smiled at you.

Make a list of things that make people feel good or happy inside.

Using the sunshine outline, write on the lines/rays things that we could do to help other people feel good about themselves. If it helps think what you like people doing for you that makes you feel good about yourself.


Outdoor Learning - planned by Mrs Booker

There are two lovely tasks linked below.  Choose one or both! Or just get outside and enjoy being in the countryside - we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area, which many children would love to have access to so make the most of it smiley

Thursday 7th January

Good morning!


Thank you to those of you who have logged on to Google Classroom.  If you have not yet done so, please try as soon as possible as I will be uploading work there next week. 


If you would like to talk to me about any of your work or just say hello, click the Meet link at the top of the Google Classroom page between 11 and 12.  I will be available at this time every day.  I will also read a story and answer any questions between 2.30 and 3.00 – again just click the link.  This will be the same every day except Fridays (because I don't work on this day). Next week there will also be a live lesson from 9.15 until 9.45.


Tomorrow’s work will be focused on spellings, PSHE and outdoor learning, so if you don’t finish something today you will probably have time tomorrow.


Parents: it would be really helpful to know if you cannot access any of the following: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Publisher.  Please could you get back to me if you don’t have these programmes on your computer – thank you! If you have any issues accessing anything else at any time, please do just let me know.


English – Today’s task is to write the first 2 paragraphs only of your biography about Edmund Hillary.  I have uploaded handwriting paper which I would encourage you to write on if you have a printer.  I have also uploaded a checklist of things to include in your first two paragraphs.  There is a video of me modelling how to write a biography and providing more information.   I don’t need to see your biographies until they are completed next week.


Maths – Please read the explanation with examples.  This sheet also tells you which questions to attempt.  I have uploaded the answers; if there is an adult who can quickly mark your work, please ask them nicely to do this so you can see straight away what you got right and wrong, like in school.  If not, send your work to me to be marked.  Please send a photo of your completed work to me even if already marked. 


SpellingYou need to practise the spelling words you were last given before an adult tests you tomorrow.  These should be in your homework book but I will also list them below.  You can practise in any way you want; look at the KS2 Spelling Menu if you need some ideas.

Y4: interest, experiment, potatoes, favourite, imagine, material, promise, opposite, minute, increase

Y3: believe, appear, often, group, breath, continue, arrive, women, describe, height


Topic – today’s work is all about mountain related vocabulary.  There is a sheet uploaded in both Publisher and PDF formats which has a written explanation at the top. If you want to fill in answers on the screen and have Publisher, open it in this format.  



Thursday English part 1.mp4

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Thursday English part 2.mp4

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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning.  First job of the day is to try to log on to Google Classroom so I know you can access it.  Your parents have been emailed your log in details.  Let me know if you can't find the email or are struggling. 


We will have a test Meet (online meeting) today at 3pm for anyone who wants to join.  Click the link at the very top of the Kingfishers Google Classroom page.  All Meets this week will just be about everyone figuring out how to log on etc. so you won't be missing work if you miss them. Next week, all Meets will be at the same time every day so you know what to expect.


English - Biographies
Watch the video below to find out what to do.  The documents you need are also uploaded below.


Maths - Time
The Powerpoint presentation below has tasks to complete and audio explanations/answers.  Please let me know if you have any issues accessing this. 


Topic – Geography
Your topic work today is to find out the locations of some of the world’s highest mountains.  Use the search bar of Google maps to type in a mountain name taken from the mountain fact cards and discover its location in the world.  If possible, print off the world map and mark the location of each mountain and its height in metres (use a little triangle symbol like we did for Ben Nevis in school).  If you have an atlas at home, you might also enjoy finding the mountain’s location in your atlas.  If you can’t print off a world map, choose one of the mountains and find out a little more about it, recording the information in your topic book.


English work explanation - Wednesday

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You Tube video - Edmund Hillary

Tuesday video

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5th January 2021


Good morning! What a start to the year.  Online learning will get a lot more interactive than this, but for now here is some work to get you started.



See below for the work we would have done in class today.  It is based on the text we all read together yesterday.  Nearly all children should be able to do this without adult help.  Write every answer out as a full sentence using the sentence starter given - don't just write on the sheet.  You should stop after around 45 minutes if you have not finished.


A few Y4 children should complete the Y3 work and vice versa - you should know who you are! 


Please email me a good quality photo of your work and I will mark it for you.  



Everyone was given maths homework yesterday.  The four tasks should take no longer than about half an hour to complete.  Again, if you send me a good quality photo I will mark it.  


As an extra activity, you could make some multiplication flashcards to play with.  Y3 should focus on the 8 times table and Y4 on the 9s - we began work on these yesterday.  Write out each multiplication fact (0 x 8, 1 x 8, 2 x 8 etc) on a little piece of paper and write the answer on the back.  See if someone in your house will help test you on them. 


Children with additional learning needs

If your child is working significantly above or below age expectations, I will be in contact soon with work.  In the meantime, you might find it useful to look at the infant or Y5/6 class pages.






School start and finish times are as follows:

Classroom doors will open at 8:55 and close at 9:05.

If you arrive before 8:55, please stay in your car until the classroom door opens, or please make sure that you keep 2m from others. If you arrive after 9:05 please send your child to the main doors and telephone the office to let them know that they have arrived. 

Children can be picked up between 3:20 to 3:25.

Please try to not congregate at the wall; your child will be out soon and class teachers will not let them go until they see their parent/guardian/carer. 

At 3:30, any child who has not been collected will be taken back into school, In this event please telephone school to let us know that you have arrived. If you know that you are going to be late, please telephone school and leave a message - we endeavour to check the answer phone at the end of the day. 

Please ensure that you wear a face mask when approaching school. 

Many thanks, stay safe folks! 

Potion Commotion

Our topic this term in all about potions!  Work in English will link to two brilliant novels featuring very different potions: Alice in Wonderland and George's Marvellous Medicine.  Our science this term is about solids, liquids and gases. Why not try some of these home-learning tasks to earn extra dojos? 


- Imagine it was you and not Alice who fell down the rabbit-hole and came across the shrinking potion.  Draw a picture of what happened to you or write a description of your experience.


- Find an interesting jar and make your own potion to fill it (checking with an adult first).  Why not use leaves, berries and other natural objects from outside? Just don't drink it!


- Write a poem about a magical potion you would create.


- Investigate melting or freezing by making some foods at home with an adult.  You could melt chocolate to make rice crispy cakes or freeze fruit juices to make ice lollies. 

Green Zone visits - Autumn 2 term

Our class will visit the woods on Fridays 6th November, 20th November and 11th December.

Home Learning Tasks

If you would like to earn more dojos and impress your classmates, why not complete one of these challenges related to our Anglo-Saxons and Vikings topic?


 - Try baking a Viking flatbread using a recipe like the one below.  Take a photo of you and your bread!


- Make a model or draw/paint/create a picture of a Viking longboat.


- Research Viking names and come up with some Viking-inspired names for your family members.


- Look in the Anglo-Saxon and Viking books in the classroom or do some research online and create an A3 poster or powerpoint presentation about what you have learned.

On Thursdays, children should come to school dressed in their PE kit.


This year, children should come to school dressed in their Green Zone clothing on days when they are going to the woods. They are not required to wear school uniform on these days. They might wish to wear trainers and bring wellies separately. Waterproofs to go over comfy, warm clothing can also be brought in a separate bag, which will go home with the children at the end of the day.

Dates for Green Zone visits as follows:

Fri 4th Sept - Y5/6

Fri 11th Sept - Y3/4

Fri 18th Sept - Y5/6

Fri 25th Sept - Y3/4

Fri 2nd Oct - Y5/6

Fri 9th Oct - Y3/4

Fri 16th Oct - Y5/6

Fri 23rd Oct - Y3/4

Children will be given their new homework book and reading record on Friday 4th September.  All maths homework and spelling homework will be stuck into their homework book.  There is an explanation about homework and reading expectations on the first page.  Reading books will follow when children's reading level has been assessed. Please ensure reading books, reading records and homework books are brought to school daily bu children as these will also be used in class - thank you. 

Father Tony - Collective Worship

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Father Tony - Collective Worship

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