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The Malala Yousafzai Class

Welcome to the Year 5/6 Class page. This year, each teacher has chosen an influential figurehead as our class name. As a Church of England school, we feel that is important to give the children inspirational people to aspire to; people who have challenged the ideals of others and people who have made an impact on the lives of many. Starting this year, each topic will focus on a courageous advocate. Each class will be a courageous advocate. 

The Y5/6 courageous advocate is Malala Yousafzai. We will be known as the Malalas. 

Topic Web Spring 1

Play Times

I am really proud of all the Year 6 children, who, at the start of the academic year,  created a playground rota for all the juniors so that play-times are fun and physical. They are in charge of getting out all the equipment and setting the games up.

The timetable is shown below: 

Monday: Football

Tuesday: Dodgeball

Wednesday: Basketball/Netball

Thursday: Hockey

Friday: Fun Friday & Craft Club


Everyday, they get out lots of equipment for all the infants to play with, this equipment promotes physical and co-operative play. The Year 6's rotate throughout the week to come and play with the infants too. On Fridays, the Year 6 girls have set up a fabulous Craft Club. They plan activities which they organise and set up themselves. 


There also opportunities for those who do not want to do the activities. The little play house is often used as an ice cream shop or restaurant, the tyres are used as dog sleds or just a place to chill and chat, and with all the wonderful grassy areas the mini-beasts are kept very happy with the number of bug houses created. 


The atmosphere at playtime is wonderful and it is so lovely to see ALL the children interacting so well. 

Maths is FUN!

In maths, the Year 6 children have be learning how to multiply fractions. We had great fun making our maths fun and active by introducing balloons! There was some great maths completed and they all learned how to multiply a fraction by a fraction (including multiplying a mixed number by a fraction and simplifying our answers).


We have had a fabulous polar bear maths challenge today, which really tested our thinking. It was lots of fun and the answers were really simple once we had worked out the solution!! 

Year 5/6 ICT

In ICT we have been creating digital scrapbooks for our new topic on the polar regions. The children have done a really amazing job. 

Click on the links below to see some of their slides and hard work.


Our topic this half term is called "One Small Step". The children will be learning about Space.

Here are some additional home-learning tasks that they can complete - these are optional but fun. 
1. Keep a moon diary over the course of a lunar month. Draw the shape of the moon each night, finding and recording the correct term for each lunar phase. 

2. Imagine an alien space ship has crash landed in your back garden. Write your own story about what happens next. You may want to borrow ideas from space stories or films you that you know. Remember to use powerful vocabulary to bring your alien to life. 

3. Write a letter of application to the UK Space Agency to become an astronaut. What personal qualities and skills would you need to carry out this role?

4. Write a film review of a space-themed film that you have watched with your family. Some great films to choose from are; Wall-E, ET, Star Wars, Apollo 13. How many 'stars' would you award you film?

5. Create a mnemonic to learn the planets in order - write your mnemonic down and bring it in to school to teach the class. 

6. Design and create your own astronaut space helmet or alien headwear using junk materials. Bring it to school to put on display. 

7. Make a 3D model of the Space Station or Mars Rover. You can find some great ideas on Pintrest or Google images. 

8. Look up the night sky (do not look at the sun directly with a naked eye, binoculars or telescope), you can use a special app on a mobile phone to allocate stars, constellations and plants. Write a report about what you can see, you could even draw a picture of the constellations seen. 

Cornet Practice

Please click on the link below to help your child practice

Football Champs 2017 v 2021

I am so proud of my class; their behaviour and manners were exemplary, such a credit to Rowsley C of E Primary. They showed tremendous spirit, pushed themselves, encouraged each other and smiled all afternoon. Thank you to Mrs Booker for all her hard work. 

Copy or click on the link below to see the football champions' celebrations!

Football Champions!

Trophies for Respect and Small School Football Champions

Sometimes a photo just catches the fun! 

What a super start to our new year. 

This week we have been discussing the story of Creation and Science - we have looked at the theories of cosmology and evolution and how they can work alongside our Christian faith. The children have been amazing and have some really thoughtful and in-depth ideas and questions. 

We ending the week by reading Psalm 8 and created poems about Creation. 

Harry wrote: 

I see the moonlight shining on the children and infants, blessing them,

I hear angels singing in the heavenly sky,

I smell the fruit God put on the earth, sweetening our souls putting peace on earth,

I feel the ocean, leaves and ground guiding me back from evil,

I taste the nature around me, fulfilling my hunger,

I wonder if there’s other life out there thinking we will come. 


The School Day

As we see the end of the 'bubbles', school will be returning to some normality. 

The gates and classroom doors will open at 8:50 and close at 9:00, after 9:00 the children will be expected to go to the office to be registered. 

All the children will be having break and lunch together. 

School will finish at 3:30 and children will be let out at this time and will not be coming out earlier. 

We will continue with the children coming to school in P.E kits and Woodland kits on their respective days. 

Woodland days for all Juniors will be on a Thursday and P.E will be on a Friday. 

The Juniors will also be swimming most weeks on a Friday, more details will follow in the new academic year.

Please send your child in with a named water bottle and a healthy snack every day.  


PE Kit

Navy blue/black shorts or joggers/leggings

White t-shirt 


The children can wear their school jumper or alternatively a navy blue jumper or hoodie


Woodland Kit

Children must wear long trousers (jeans/joggers/leggings), a t shirt and a long sleeved pullover. They must come in trainers and bring either wellies or walking boots. They will need a waterproof coat and waterproof trousers and, for when the weather turns colder, a hat and gloves. 

Please note that the children will go to the woods in all weathers except for high wind so must have the correct clothing in school. The woods are very shaded so even on a seemingly warm day, they can get chilly. 


The children's safety and well-being is of paramount importance to us. 

Our Designated Safeguarding leads are: Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Wyer

Our Safeguarding Governor is Mrs Rachel Allen-Ashcroft.


If you are feeling stressed or anxious please talk to one of us in confidence or you can go to:



Spellings will be set on a Friday and tested the following Friday. The children will be practising their spelling in class but will be expected to practice at home too. 

Maths homework will be set on a Monday and expected back in the following Monday.

Reading records will also be taken in every Monday. The children are expected to read at home at least 4 times a week. Please make sure that their reading record is signed. There will be a new reading challenge that we will explain to the children in September. 


E-Safety Websites

See the 5 SMART ways to stay safe online poster below for ways to keep your child safe online.