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On Monday, we had a look at animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica, and compared the two. 

I would like you to have a look through the information texts and create your own poster based on one Arctic animal. 

I would like you to put facts about your Arctic animal on your poster and make it lovely and colourful! 

Today, I would like you to have a look at the animals that live in Antarctica and write me a fact file about one animal of your choice. Remember to make it informative! 

We have looked closely at Polar Regions and delved into the continent of Antarctica.. Today, we are going to look at the other continents of the world. Firstly, we are going to explore more deeply what a continent is and then by the end of the lesson we will be able to name the 7 continents and perhaps a few facts about each. 

Listen to the PowerPoint which is me introducing each continent and then have a go at the tasks above. 


Yesterday, we made a start on the continents of the world. We learnt that there are 7 continents and these are surrounded by oceans. Today, we are going to look at the oceans of the world. We will be able to name them and locate them on a map. I would like you to watch the short BBC clip and have a go at the game I have attached. Then can you label a blank world map (attached) with continents and oceans. 

13th January - Green Zone

14th January - Penguin Research

Use the internet or a range of books to find out about penguins. We already know from our Lost and Found book that come from the South Pole. Can you pretend you're a researcher and find as much information about them as you can e.g. how are they adapted to living in their environment? What do they eat? 

You can either make an information leaflet or you can create a video where you are reporting to viewers everything you have found. Be creative

18th January RE

Go and sit in your garden or somewhere where you feel calm and peaceful. I would like you to draw and label what you see and enjoy. Then, can you write 3 sentences about the pictures you have drawn?

This is your topic work for the week. Listen to the PowerPoint/supporting BBC clip and then complete the following activities. 

20th January - Green Zone (planned by Mrs Booker)

If you cannot find stones, you can use any objects from in and around your house.