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Here are some ideas that you can do outside that link to our topic! 

11th Jan - Can you create your own snow animal?

Choose one of the snow animals to colour. 

When you have done that, can you draw your own animal that might live somewhere cold. What features will your animal have to keep it warm? 

13th January - Green Zone

18th January RE

Think of all the things that you enjoy doing. It could be playing, running, drawing or football. All of these things make you special.  Can you draw a picture of the things you enjoy? You can make it lovely and colourful. If you want a challenge you can have a go at writing labels to go with your pictures. Have fun!

20th January - Green Zone (planned by Mrs Booker)

If you cannot find stones, use any other objects from inside/outside the house.

EYFS Frozen activities to try at home...

Frozen objects

Fill various containers with water and add objects such as small world people, flowers, plastic animals. Freeze the to form blocks of ice of different shapes and sizes. Once the containers have frozen solid, use tools and warm water to try and break the ice and set the objects free. Talk about how the ice felt, how they set the object free and the effect the warm water had on the ice. 


Observing how salt affects ice

Freeze water to create blocks of ice. Children experiment with salt to see how is reacts with the ice. What happens? Why do we use salt in grit on the roads in winter? 


Painting with ice

Freeze water and paint (put a stick on the end for the children to use as handles). Create large scale mark making pieces using the ice paints and then use different tools to continue this once the ice has melted. 


Frozen Vinegar 

The basics of a baking soda and vinegar reaction: vinegar is an acid; baking soda is a base. Combine the two together and you get a chemical reaction that produces water and salt…

In our initial investigation we wondered What happens if we freeze the vinegar or baking soda or both? Here’s the setup::

  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • water
  • freezer trays or moulds {in star shapes for frozen theme}
  • food colouring {optional}
  • pan/containers for play


  1. Pour some vinegar into a container with a spout. {I used a liquid measuring cup.}
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring until you like the color of the vinegar. {Aiden was responsible for this step. He wanted dark blue.}
  3. Pour the colored vinegar into your freezer trays or molds. {We used small star ice cube molds. Larger molds will make the play last longer. You can dilute the vinegar with water – half water, half vinegar works well.}
  4. Freeze your colored vinegar.
  5. Add some baking soda to a pan of water. {1 tsp of baking soda to 1 cup of water works well.}

26th January - Purple Mash

Once you have logged on and are on the homepage, click onto 'topics' and then find 'polar regions' (with the icon of a snow cloud). Then, go to 'animals in Antarctica' in the paint project subheading. Use your computing skills to create your own drawings of the animals that live in Antarctica. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

27th January - Green Zone

1st February - R.E (planned by Mrs. Cox)

Draw or paint a picture of you and your friends. Can you write their names? Tell your grown up why your friends are special.