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Topic for week 8

Session 3


DT- Make a simple sketch book, using a range of joining techniques including gluing, stapling, tying. If you don’t have the materials to make a sketch book then you can use your topic book to do your sketches in. The sketch book you make, will be used throughout the topic.

Art - Find a quiet spot in your garden, yard or out on your walk and draw a plant that you see. You will need to take a close look at all the details needed – you can draw any plant. How are the leaves formed – what shape are they, doe the veins make a pattern? Look carefully at the stems on you plant – make sure they are drawn 3D – not just a line like a piece of cotton.  As this is a sketch, you don’t have to colour it in. It should be a pencil drawing.

RE - whilst in your quiet spot, take some time to listen to the birds. How many can you hear? Enjoy and be thankful for the beautiful place that we live in, that God created for us. 

Mrs Cox wishes you all well, and looks forward to seeing your work. 


Session 4


Plant your bean.

Hopefully your bean will have arrived. 

You will need a glass jar, a glass or a clear plastic cup, some cotton wool or kitchen roll, water and your beans. This is a wonderful way to watch beans grow

1) Get your equipment ready. No soil is needed at this stage.  

2) Line your glass/jar/clear plastic cup with a piece kitchen towel paper or fill with cotton wool balls. Tuck your beans between the glass and the tissue/cotton wool. Put them at different sides so they don't go mouldy.

3) Squirt with plenty of water. You want the tissue to be wet, but you don’t want the bean swimming in water as this can make them mouldy.

4) Now wait. And make sure the towel stays moist!!! You will probably need to water it daily. 

Below is a bean diary, after you have done your 'planting', your child will need to draw & write about what they have done on day one - the bean diary will need to be completed every 3-4 days - if you keep the bean watered you should start to shoots in about 3 days. 

Y1 can choose either Diary template