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Topic from week 3

Monday 20th April


These can be done in any order and should be completed, where possible, in their topic books. 

Topic 1


Name the four seasons and describe typical weather for each of them. Split a page in your topic book into 4 draw a picture which shows the different weather in each season. Draw a different activity for each season– remember to make sure that any characters are correctly dressed. Something like the image below. 



Topic 2


Watch a TV weather report and talk about it. How would the presenter describe today’s weather? Make simple weather symbols using card, coloured pens and pencils or print off the ones below. On a UK map, locate your home area. Place relevant local weather symbols on the map each day.

Pretend you are a weather presenter and do a weather report for your family. You could make a video of yourself as a weather presenter and email it to me.


Topic 3

Listen to a piece of music, identifying if it is fast or slow, happy or sad - use the link below to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Describe what they hear, guessing what season/weather the sounds or music is depicting. Can they identify any of the instruments? 

Ask your child to lie down, close their eyes and simply listen.

Visit The BBC link below for weather/seasonal sounds, you will need to download the  episode for your child to listen along - I have attached the transcript of the lesson if you want to listen along with them too. 

The Vivaldi music can be played throughout the week whilst doing other tasks – ask what season they think it represents and what makes them think this. There is no recording of evidence needed for these sessions, just enjoy listening.


Topic 4

Create simple movement patterns, showing awareness of rhythm.

Move like the weather on the day or imagine you are in different weathers!

Wind: Be a leaf on a tree, a tall blade of grass, a wave, windmill, flag, kite or a plastic bag.

Sun: Be a bird flying in the sky,  pretend you are on a beach running and jumping in the waves,  have a water fight – ducking and diving away from the water, jump in and out of a paddling pool.

Rain: jump in and over puddles, jump up and down as if you were raindrops landing – in drizzle or heavy rain – what is the difference?

In class these movements would be done to music and should be rhythmic with a clear start and end point. But in these times – just have fun moving in different weathers!  And imagining!