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Topic from week 4

Week beginning 27-04-20

Topic sessions can be done in any order. 

Topic 1

LO:  to  learn about the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements

Go through the PowerPoint on Sir Francis Beaufort with your child and watch 

Go outside and decide what force they would give the wind today? Can they imagine being in very strong wind? 

You can choose from a range of Beaufort Activities for today:

  1. Complete a fact file about Francis Beaufort using the writing frame or create one of your own

  2. Draw a picture of Francis Beaufort and write some facts around the picture

  3. Complete the Beaufort scale visualiser activity – cut out the pictures and shuffle them, your child needs to arrange them correctly and stick them down in order in their topic books. Apologies that some of the information has been cut off one of the pictures - whatever I did, I couldn't get it to come back !


For Parents only - I found this whilst researching Beaufort and found it funny - if you like David Mitchell you may appreciate this. 


Topic 2


LO: to make a  purposeful, functional, appealing product using a range of tools and materials. 

Make a windsock to hang in your window or garden so you can ‘see’ the wind.

There are two ways on here but there are several ways of making one, you can find lots more on pinterest! You could make a rainbow coloured one to match the rainbows that some of you have up in your windows. 

Please send me some photos of your finished article. 


Topic 3

Assign different weather types to seasons.

Hopefully a session that is fun. Tell your child to dress up for different weather types/seasons. Take photographs and send them in for a game of guess the season on the class webpage (for example, on a summer holiday – dress in a swimsuit with sunglasses, a rainy day – waterproof coat, trousers, wellies and an umbrella, in the snow – jumper, hats, scarves, gloves, boots). Ask them to describe what is happening in their photograph and consider why they are wearing particular clothes.


Topic 4



Friday Topic Session

Choice of activities today

1) P.E. Go outside for a run or long walk, kick a ball or practice your throwing and catching skills. Maybe have a disco in your kitchen and have a good old boogie!!!

2) Weather craft -

a) make some cloud watching binoculars

b) Make a sky scanner 

Make sure that if you do the weather craft, that you talk to your child about the dangers of looking directly at the sun (not that there is much sun today).