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Topic Work From week 1

Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th March

LO:  To make a moving vehicle, observe and talk about how they move using appropriate vocabulary.

Make a moon buggy with construction materials i.e. Lego or make your own junk model moon buggy. Test the vehicles, and improve them where necessary before testing them on different surfaces i.e.  grass, tarmac, sand, soil and carpet.

Sketch their moon buggy and label its different parts. 

You can take a photograph or video and email it to me, I will share as many as I can. Happy building! 

Wednesday 25th March

Space Exercises (see below for ideas) - feel free to print off or you could just call them out for your child (and you if you fancy it) to complete. Photos of children doing this will be greatly appreciated. I will be really missing them!! 

I know a lot of you are also doing Joe Wicks' daily workout, there is also Oti Mabuse's dance workshop which you can do with some giggles. While the weather is good, please get out in your gardens and yards as much as you can or go for a walk whilst maintaining a safe distance from anyone else. The infants are used to at least 1 and a half hours outdoors per day. 


Thursday 26th March

Moon footprints - we learned last week that Neil Armstrong's foot print will be on the moon for a very long time (see info on sheet).

Can the children make their own footprints outside? You could use water, paint, mud, flour - depends on what mess you want to make! Who can make the biggest footprints? How long do your footprints last? You could order your prints from smallest to largest, measure your prints and work out the difference in size, make prints using different shoes (or bare feet) but mainly - get outdoors and have fun!