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Topic work from week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of Topic Work.


This week there is a choice of activities for you to choose from:

  • Science - Balloon Rocket Experiment - this does depend on you having the right things at home  so there is another rocket alternative activity. See instruction sheet on how to carry out this test, you will also need to complete the sheet. If you do not have a printer you can draw it out in your book - please use a ruler for boxes and lines. 

  • DT & Science - Waterproof hut for an alien – an alien has landed on Earth and wants to live in your garden. You will need to build a waterproof, windproof shelter for it. Make sure that you think carefully about the materials you use and you will need to test it by putting something absorbent inside your hut and pouring water on the roof. If the object inside is wet, then you will need to think again. If it is dry, well done, you have made a waterproof hut. You will need to draw a picture of your hut, list the materials you used and write about what happened. There is a sheet below which can be used or it can be done straight in their  topic books - remember there are extra points for neatly presented work. Happy building and testing! 

  • Geography - NASA space research. Use basic geographical vocabulary to name physical and human features on Earth. Visit the NASA website and look at image of Earth from outer space. Explore the Earth from above using Google Earth too - can they spot geographical features such as sea, ocean, land, islands, forests, cities, lakes and rivers.  Zoom in on different continents to study features, or type in a postcode to look at a specific area. Your child can make a poster of what they see, make a PPT (this may take some adult intervention although some Year 2s are capable of doing this independently) or just discuss it with an adult or older child. 

  • Art - Sun and Moon Pictures– explore warm/hot & cold colours. See Art PPT below. 


  • DT & Science - Build a junk model space rocket. How far can you make your rocket go? Try throwing it as far as you can and measuring the distance it travels. Draw a picture of your rocket and make a list of the materials you have used. Can you also write down the properties of your materials i.e I used plastic because it is flexible and strong. Look at the list of properties below to help. This is an alternative to the Balloon Rocket Experiment - you do not need to do both unless you want to.