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w.b. 11-5-20

Friday 15th May

Please choose a bear or cuddly from this week that you can write a postcard to. Please could you include some of the things you have learned or enjoyed about our topic on the weather.

Please remember to include some questions. 

We will be doing topic work based around Happy Bear's friends next week. The postcard template is below. 

And there will be a few more friends to learn about next week too. 


Thursday 14th May

Look at the aerial images on the PPT below (if you have already done the topic session on human and physical geography then your child will have a heads up if not you can use the word mats to help identify the geographical features)

What can they see in the pictures? Are they physical (natural) or human (manmade)?

LO: to order alphabetically and use commas in lists.

Ask your child to write down a list of geographical features that they can see from a ‘bird’s eye view’. Use a simple dictionary to check spellings they are unsure of. The children have already been taught to use a comma between each object and then use ‘and’ between the last two.  Now ask them to write out the alphabet – this will help them write out the words alphabetically.

Choose 6 geographical features and order them alphabetically – try to chose words that start with different letters – at this stage they only need to be ordering from the first letter.


Beach, car, field, house,  tree, river, sea


Wednesday 13-5-20

Go outside and look at the clouds.

Take a walk outdoors to spot and describe different types, shapes and colours of clouds. If you have already done the topic session on clouds your child should have a good understanding of cloud types but you don't need to have done the topic session first to do this lesson.

Talk about words that describe different types of clouds.

Words might include: fluffy, wispy, rainy, puffy, thin, floating and drifting.

Using the cloud template or draw your own – fill the cloud full of cloud related words – you can use different colours. See my picture below - they can use different colours but remember to keep it neat. 


Tuesday 12-5-20

Ask your child, “How can you catch a raindrop?” List different ideas. Pick one suggestion and work out a chronological sequence of steps for doing it.

Your child might suggest catching raindrops in a tub, on paper, in their mouths, in their hands, or on an umbrella. Ask them to write out how they would do it using chronological language for example First, Then, Next, After that and Finally. Use the time connectives sheet below for more ideas. 

Do the work in their writing book, remember to think about their presentation. They may like to draw diagrams of their ideas too.