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wb 23-3-20

Monday 23rd March

Start with the Flashback 4 starter activity, the answers can be done verbally, in their maths books or on scrap paper

If you have scales, you could do some comparisons with objects and weigh them to check or they could do this just be holding them i.e they should be able to tell you that a pencil is lighter than a tin of beans without actually weighing them! 


Tuesday 24th March

A new Flashback 4 activity has been added to the Year 1 starter activities below. 

There is also another weighing sheet to complete - the second page can be drawn out in their maths books - they can draw the scales, items and cubes themselves or you can draw the scales and items and they can draw the cubes. The final question is a practical one and mentions using cubes to compare weights - I am aware that you will not have cubes so if you could just look for weight comparisons i.e an apple weighs the same as two limes (well it does in my house). Thank you. 


Wednesday 25th 

Flashback 4

Weight sheet. I have had some great photos of weighing work and know that some of you have been baking and using your scales that way! Well done.


Thursday 26th March

The intro is Flashback 4 AND a True or False question. 

There is a sheet you can do but in class we would do the lesson practically and outdoors - you will need four cups of the same size and a couple of empty bottles/containers and water!! Look at the sheet as a guide but do it outdoors and prepare to get wet! They can put water in the cups and label them full, almost full, empty, almost empty etc. Have fun!


Friday 27th March

Your child was given a sheet of coin pictures on Friday.  Ask your child to cut out one of each coin and then muddle them up in a bowl, pot or similar.  Can your child lay them in out in order of value (i.e. 1p, 2p, 5p etc. up to £1, £2)? Can they point to the right coin when you say the name of it? Can they remember which two coins are known as coppers?


Ask your child to cut out more 1ps, 2ps and 5ps.  How many different ways can they find to make 10p?  Children who find this easy might like to try it making 20p or 50p, adding in bigger coins if they want to. 


Please hang onto all these coins for next week!