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w.b. 23-3-20

Tuesday 24th March

A new Flashback 4 and True/False starter has been added. 

A new maths sheet has been added below. 


Wednesday 25th March

A new Flashback 4 and True/False has been added. I hope they are being well received!!

The follow on maths sheet has been added.

For the counters - please draw them carefully. For Numbers 2 and 3, the children can use the squares in their books. For Number 5 they can draw their counters as circles (one per square). For < and > we use the terminology less than and greater than, the children may say that the crocodile eats the biggest number <> which is fine, but they must also understand which is greater and which is less. Happy maths!


Thursday 26th March

Flashback 4 and True/False starters attached,

The actual activity is starting to get trickier for your child now so I have included a little drawing which will hopefully help. We have done quite a bit of work on understanding tens and ones (tens and units as you may know them), and we refer to them as chips and peas when we calculate (see image). Basically a chip is worth ten and a pea is worth one. Drawing maths is a key part of your child's understanding - they are encouraged to talk and draw maths! Calculations can be shown in their books. I will try to draw a picture and attach it to help your understanding of what your child is doing but PLEASE do email me if it does not make sense. 


Friday 27th March

We have been working on telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes on analogue (non-digital) clocks.  We have been saying these times in the format ‘twenty past two’ or ‘twenty-five to five’.   Children have been enjoying looking at this clock in school:

You can set it to a time, and ask your child what time it says.  You can also say a time and ask your child to set the clock.  Remind your child that up to half past, each number on the clock face is a jump of 5 minutes and we always read the big hand first.  After half past, we count backwards from the 12 in jumps of 5. 


Your child can also have a go at the clock sheets linked below.  They just need to write the date in their book and make a list of the times shown – copying the clock faces is not necessary.


Telling the time is best practised little and often so please ask your child frequently during the week if they can read the current time.  We’ll do more time work next Friday.