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w.b 27-04-20

Tuesday 28th April

LO: learn to appreciate rhymes and poems, and to recite some by heart. listen to and discuss a wide range of poems. SPAG -  read  words of more than one syllable

Today’s lesson is in TWO parts

Part 1

Read the poem Who Has Seen the Wind? by Christina Rossetti to your child. Talk about the poem describing the visual images it inspires.  Ask your child to read it now –you can help if required. Practise the poem together, keeping up with rhythm and pace. Can your child spot the rhyming words? You can highlight them if you like.
Whilst reading ask your child … Can you see the wind? Discuss their ideas.

Part 2

Syllable Investigation – to be done in their topic books - watch

Look at the word mats on seasons and the weather - clap out the syllables for each word. Can you find any with more than one syllable?  Choose some of the weather words with more than one syllable and make your own word mat; write the number of syllables underneath each word. You can illustrate your word mat and/or write the words out in different colours.

Wednesday 29-04-20

LO: to clearly express ideas when talking about matters of personal interest including some detail.

Look at the PowerPoint Presentation of windy photographs, can your child remember a windy day? What did it feel like playing in the wind? Can they give you some words to describe how the wind feels and how it affects the world around them? You might want your child to watch the you tube clip about tornados – the information may be a bit advanced for some but the weather images are quite spectacular.

Using the images on the PowerPoint, choose 5 photos to write a sentence about. Write one sentence for each chosen image. They might want to think about how they would feel in this place, what can they see, hear, smell, feel? 


The wind is very gusty and the leaves are swirling around the ladies.

Ask your child to say the sentence out loud to you first.

I have also included a windy word list, can they use some of these words in their writing? Don’t forget to keep it neat, remember to use capital letters and full stops and write in pencil in your writing book. Your child can do more if they would like and can always illustrate their work. 

Thursday 30th April

Re read the Wind poem by Christina Rossetti from the start of the week – can they remember any of it?

Look at the sentence: ‘I have seen the wind…’

Today we are going to write a poem describing what they have seen the wind do based on their own experiences, the videos and the pictures.


I have seen the wind,

blowing leaves on trees,

drying washing on the line,

whipping up the leaves.


They only need to write the’ I have seen the wind’ once at the top of the page followed by their ideas.  I would expect to see about 4 or 5 examples from Year 1.

I have attached some nicely bordered paper which they can use or they could write it neatly in their writing book and decorate.

Friday 1st May

Time to write a postcard to one of the bears featured on our page this week. If you email it me, I will send it on to the bear's owner. I know they will love receiving them during this lockdown period. You can choose any of the bears to write to. 

Look at the postcard writing PowerPoint for some ideas. I have attached a postcard template but the work can be done in their writing books. 

Who will your choose - Pink Strawberry, Robbie the Robot, Max the Mallard, Little and Big Owl or Vaughan? I know that all the owners would love to get a postcard from you as like us they are in lockdown. 

Next week we have more bears from around the world- look out for a familiar face!