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w.b 30-03-20

To understand positional language

Monday 30-03-20

Read 'We are going on a Bear Hunt' - if you don't have the book, you can watch on

Using the positional word cards (see below) 

Set up your own bear hunt by hiding teddies around the house and/or garden. Ask your child to describe where they could look and where each teddy was found using the different positional words each time. Can they match the word to the position? Can they set up their own teddy hunt with some words? 


Tuesday 31-03-20

Read Each Peach Pear Plum, if you don’t have the book you can read along on and pause on the illustrations.

This book involves characters hiding, the children’s job is to seek them out. Ask your child where hidden objects are and get them to describe exactly where they are using positional language. Encourage them to change their language each time i.e. Cinderella is between the wall and the suitcase, the kettle is on top of the oven.

Additional number work based on the book can also be completed - see below


Wednesday 1st April

Listen to Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins on

As you listen, ask your child to describe Rosie’s journey – what does she go over, under, past , around, through.


Draw a simple pathway for your child in their home learning book. Ask your child to draw on the things that Rosie walks past on her journey. Get them to retell the story using different positional language.


Thursday 2nd April

What the ladybird heard, if you have the book, great, if not you can listen to it here or you can find it with the pictures on youtube. 

Listen to the story and plan out the farmyard! What do the robbers need to pass to steal the prize cow?  Draw the things they pass, talking about where the things are using positional language. You can go on to drawing ladybirds with different numbers of spots - count the spots and write an addition sum i.e  3 spots on one half of the ladybird and 4 on the other - 3+4 = 7. I have included some ladybird outlines, if you have a printer you can print them off, if not they can be drawn straight into their home learning books. 


Friday 3rd April

You will need a teddy and some space for this one. I have attached a PowerPoint and the musical backing track for you. I wish I could be there with you to join in with you doing this. Have fun! Mrs Hewitt 

P.S sorry all the pictures show a beanbag, I guessed you wouldn't all have a beanbag lying round your house so changed the words to teddy!