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wb 30-3-20

We are carrying on with capacity and mass this week. Please complete the Flashback 4 activity first. As with last week, you can either print the sheets off or complete practically. Any recording can be done on the sheets and stuck in the maths book or be completed directly in the maths book.


Week beginning Monday 30th March

Practically, you will need jugs, cups and buckets. Doing it practically really helps your child see the investigation for themselves.

You do not need to do any formal recordings but if you do it practically please take photos and send them to me. I do love seeing what they are up to and miss them all.

Thursday 2nd April (I think) 

Last session on capacity and mass - assessment of what they can do. Let me know how they get on at


Friday 2nd April

We are carrying on with our money work from last week.


Warm up activity, using either the paper coins from last week or real/plastic coins:
- ask your child the value of different coins,
- ask your child to order the coins from being worth the least to being worth the most,
- choose a coin and ask your child to name a coin worth more than it and a coin worth less.


For the main activity, try the Ice Cream worksheet.  Some children will only manage the first page and this is fine.

For children who want more of a challenge, there is also an extra activity (saved as extra money challenges) as well as a Powerpoint quiz.  Because of the interactive nature of the quiz, I’m unfortunately not able to save it as a PDF.  If you don’t have Powerpoint, please don’t worry – it’s just a little extra.


Any questions, please email me, Sophie Hodgson, at