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w.b. 30.3.20

Friday 3rd April

It is letter writing time again. I hope you enjoyed receiving a letter from either myself, Mrs Cox or a classmate. 

I certainly enjoyed reading them and sending them on. 

Choose someone different to write to this week, email it to me at and I will forward it on. Tell them what you have been doing, what you have enjoyed, what you are missing and maybe draw a picture too. 

Happy Friday, folks. 

Stay Safe, I miss you all, 

Mrs Hewitt


Thursday 2nd April

Read the next instalment of Astron on the PPT.

Olivia encounters fierce creatures called 'dark-biters', what do you think 'dark-biters' look like? Draw a picture and write some describing words around it. 

Don't worry, Astron defeats them tomorrow!! 


Wednesday 1st April

Read the PPT for the first part of the story of Astron

Draw the space rocket that Astron saw and label it. Try to write the initial sound and then carefully sound out each word - what other sounds can you hear? 


Tuesday 31st March

Choose a picture of an alien from below. 

Draw the alien in their writing/English books and write down some words to describe it on the lined part. 

Encourage your child to think of its size:  It is big. Its colour: It is green. Its behaviour: It is good. What it looks like: It is fluffy.