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w.b. 4-5-20

Monday 4th May

Spellings and handwriting - head over to the phonics section for today's work.


Tuesday 5th May

LO:Use simple poetic structures to substitute own ideas and write new lines/verses within an appropriate frame.

Look at rhyming words today – they may like to watch

Make a poster of rhyming words to do with the weather. I have given some examples but your child might like to come up with some of their own. Please keep them weather related where possible

Examples of rhyming words such as:
puddle   muddle                                       lane   rain  drain                  drop   plop   stop

Snow  grow   blow                                    wet      get    set                     splash     flash

They can present their work in the form of a poster in their topic books where they can also illustrate their words. Remember that presentation is really important.


Wednesday 6th May

Read the two poems about rain - Rain...and Puddles

Read them both with rhythm and expression.

Look for the rhyming words in the poems, discuss which poem they like best and why.

Watch the verbs PPT – a verb is a doing word. Do the actions on the PowerPoint, can they act some more verbs for you to guess? Or can you act some for your child to guess? 

Re- read the Rain… poem – can your child write out all the verbs – what does the rain do in the poem?


Splashes, dribbles, trickles – there are over 10 to find in the poem.


Thursday 7th May

Choose another form of weather, season or seasonal object.

Think of your verbs first - and then add a line in between - they do not have to rhyme. Set your poem out like mine. You can magpie the ideas bit try to encourage your child to think of their own. 

I have done an example for you using Raindrops as my topic: 



In the sunlight


On spider’s webs


Down the windows


From the bursting clouds


The moon’s glow


Quickly off umbrellas


Lightly on my cheeks