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w.b. 4-5-20

Monday 4th May

May the fourth be with you! 

Head on over to the spellings section for today's task. 

Have a great day!


Tuesday 5th May

LO: Use simple poetic structures to substitute own ideas and write new lines/verses within an appropriate frame

Look at rhyming words today – they may like to watch

Make a poster of rhyming words to do with the weather. I have given some examples but your child might like to come up with some of their own. Please keep them weather related where possible

Model examples of rhyming words such as:
puddle   muddle                                                  lane   rain  drain             drop   plop   stop

Snow  grow   blow                                                wet      get    set            splash     flash

They can present their work in the form of a poster in their topic books where they can also illustrate their words. Finish by writing two sentences with their rhyming words at the end.


As I ran quickly down the windy lane.

I watched the water gurgle down the drain.

Remember that presentation is really important. Take pride in your work and make sure it looks good. 


Wednesday 6th May

Read the two poems about rain out loud to an adult - Rain... and Puddles. 

Read them both with fluency, rhythm and expression.

Point out the rhyming words in the poems, discuss which poem they like best and why.

Watch the verbs PPT – a verb is a doing word. Do the actions on the PowerPoint. Can they think of some verbs of their own to act out? 

Re- read the Rain… poem – can your child write out all the verbs – what does the rain do in the poem?


Splashes, dribbles, trickles – there are over 10 to find in the poem.


Thursday 7th May

Choose another form of weather, season or seasonal object.

Think of your verbs first - and then add a line in between - they do not have to rhyme. Set your poem out like mine. You can magpie the ideas bit try to encourage your child to think of their own. 

I have done an example for you using Raindrops as my topic: 



In the sunlight


On spider’s webs


Down the windows


From the bursting clouds


The moon’s glow


Quickly off umbrellas


Lightly on my cheeks