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Friday 3rd April

A little bit more telling the time work - everything you need to know is on the activity sheet saved below.  Please remember Mrs Hewitt doesn't work on a Friday so if you've any questions please email me, Sophie Hodgson, at

Thursday 2nd April

I hope you all found yesterday's maths doable. We have covered most of the build up to column addition in class so I hope they enjoyed doing it this way! Well done to Theo for smashing it and making his mummy proud - we all need those moments . 

Today is consolidation of column addition - I have written them horizontally, they need to write them as a column and show their calculations. Happy adding!!


Wednesday 1st April

Apologies in advance. I do hope today's lesson makes sense. Your child should know what I am talking about, honestly! 

Today your child will start column addition. This is the first time they have done this. Please get them to show ALL working out using the chips and peas method - I have added a photo to help you. 

Please make sure they add the ones first, then the tens - please get them to show their calculations even if the can just give you the answers as this is crucial later on and will help their understanding in so many ways. 

I will be online all day today, so if you have any questions, please email me. 


Tuesday 31st March

Your child can use a ruler as a number line if they want, however they must be encouraged to add on and back from the largest number. We say to put the biggest number in their head (tap the head as they do it) and then count on or back.