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Year 1 English

Monday 30th March

Today's lesson is spellings - test your child on their words and then complete handwriting practice of their spellings. See the rainbow in the Year 1 section, marked spelling and phonics for the spellings of the week. 


Tuesday 31st March 

Look at the pictures of aliens taken from a range of story books. Choose ONE alien, either print it off or draw it in your English book.

What adjectives can you use to describe it?

Try to be creative. 

Think about their size (can you find a different word for big or small), what they look like, what they feel like, smell like, sound like? How do they behave?

Words you might use:

Colossal, weird, bizzare, mischievous, miniature, unique, magnificent, inquisitive

You may want to introduce these words to your child and discuss their meanings, not all will refer to their alien choice.

The task is to just write as many adjectives around their alien as they can. There will be dojos for adventurous vocabulary choices.


Wednesday 1st April

What lovely work I have received on our alien adjectives. Thank you.  All of you seem to have chosen the same alien so we will do some work on the book the character came from this week.

The alien is called Astron.

I have uploaded a ppt with the start of the book on it – please read this with your child.


Astron has a thought-web to communicate.

Can you create a thought web of ideas about what you think Astron is thinking seeing this strange metal thing and  strange creature?

Write some sentences to show his thoughts.


Astron thinks it must be strange for the girl to live in a metal house.

Astron wonders why the girl does not glow.

Use thinks and wonders

Use the text for ideas.


Thursday 2nd April

Read the next instalment  of the story of Astron on the PPT below. 

Astron picks up on Olivia’s feelings and creatures called the ‘dark-biters’ are mentioned.

Today you become an illustrator and author. Draw an image of what you think the ‘dark-biters’ might look like - Write a few sentences describing your dark-biters. Remember to include lots of adjectives, your words should match your picture!


Friday 3rd April

It is letter writing time again. I hope you enjoyed receiving a letter from either myself, Mrs Cox or a classmate. 

I certainly enjoyed reading them and sending them on. 

Choose someone different to write to this week, email it to me at and I will forward it on. Tell them what you have been doing, what you have enjoyed, what you are missing and maybe draw a picture too. 

Happy Friday, folks. 

Stay Safe, I miss you all, 

Mrs Hewitt


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