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Year 1 Maths

Week Beginning 13th July


No maths as it is Sports' Day - see main class page for details.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Here is a Maths investigation for you to work through. 

There are 5 clues and three days to do them in, so some days you may want to do more than one clue.

Friday 1oth July

There are two separate telling the time tasks today. If your child doesn't yet switch between reading o'clock, half past and quarter past times confidently, stick with Task 1.  Knowing these times securely will help them when they learn more times in Y2.  


Task 2 involves o'clock, half past and quarter past times but asks children to work out what time it will be one hour/a half hour later.  Only children who were very confident in last week's clock work should attempt this task.  They should write a list of answers in their book as there isn't space on the sheet.