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Year 1 Spelling and Phonics

Summer 2

New spelling words will be uploaded every Friday.

Friday 10th July

Start by testing your child on last week's words and asking them to practise any they didn't get right.


There are no new words for next week but there is an exercise on contractions (words like didn't, can't, I'm) to complete.  This is an introduction to Year 2 work and so can be completed with plenty of discussion and support.


Firstly, ask a parent to test you on last week's words and see how many you can spell correctly.  


Read over your new spelling words (see list above). What two spelling patterns can you see and what sound do they both make? Can you think of any other words that rhyme with the words above or have the same sound? Do you know any other ways to spell that sound (e.g. air as in chair)

Practise writing the words in your handwriting book.  If you are ready, you can do the joins as shown.  If you are still practising forming your letters neatly, don't worry about joining yet.


Remember to practise these spellings every day. 



Monday and Tuesday - Choose one of these ideas below to practise your words or make up a similar activity of your own.  


Write your spelling words...

  • colouring in all the vowels afterwards (a, e, i, o, u)
  • forwards then backwards then forwards then backwards
  • with Scrabble tiles
  • d
  • withnospacesinbetweenchangingcolourforeachword
  • with a picture for each one
  • typed on a laptop
  • BIG then very very small


Wednesday - Choose 5 of your words to write in a sentence.  If you're feeling really clever, you could write 5 sentences which each contain TWO spelling words!  


Thursday - Make a spelling poster, drawing pictures of each word and writing the word underneath.


I can not stress more highly the importance of carrying on with some phonics whilst they are off. This current group are absolutely amazing at their phonics and they love the sessions. I am absolutely devastated that I can not get them to sit their screening test (I never thought I would say that) because we were on target for getting a 100% pass rate - such is life!! 

Below is the sound of the a week along with their spellings, they also have their handwriting books where they can practice both their joins and their spellings on a Monday. Every child was sent home with a phonics mat for phase 3 and 5, please carry on practising these too.