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Year 2 Spelling

Summer 2

New spellings will be added every Friday.  The first set of spellings will be uploaded on Friday 5th June so there won't be a spelling test this week.

Y2 Spelling

Phonics is done though daily spelling activities. They spend 15 minutes on their spellings every morning.


Friday - test of last weeks words then write out the new spelling words, look for the pattern / common theme and find out the meaning of any new words.

Monday - handwriting 

Tuesday - choose an activity from the Spelling Menu

Wednesday- make a spelling poster

Thursday - spelling quiz/wordsearch



You can do as many or as few as you want of these. I will include the PPT which  teaches the rules, a quiz & wordsearch every week for those who want to follow it. You will need a printer for the quiz and wordsearch but  not for the poster (they will know what this is) or handwriting. Please try to do at least one session a week though as this will benefit your child greatly. 


In addition to the activities described above, the Spelling Menu contains lots of different ways of practising spelling words, which your child might like to try.