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Mother Teresa Class

Welcome to the Mother Teresa Class Page! 

If you have any questions, please email me:

Welcome to the Infant Class page. This year, each teacher has chosen an influential figurehead as our class name. As a Church of England school, we feel that is important to give the children inspirational people to aspire to; people who have challenged the ideals of others and people who have made an impact on the lives of many.

The infant courageous advocate is Mother Teresa

The School Day

The gates and classroom doors will open at 8:50 and close at 9:00, after 9:00 the children will be expected to go to the office to be registered. 

All the children will be having break and lunch together. 

School will finish at 3:30 and children will be let out at this time and will not be coming out earlier. We will continue with the children coming to school in P.E kits and Woodland kits on their respective days.

PE Kit - Thursday's (9:30-10:30)

Navy blue/black shorts or joggers/leggings

White t-shirt 


The children can wear their school jumper or alternatively a navy blue jumper or hoodie

Green Zone - Thursday's (1:30-2:30)

Children must wear long trousers (jeans/joggers/leggings), a t shirt and a long sleeved pullover. They must come in trainers and bring either wellies or walking boots. They will need a waterproof coat and waterproof trousers and, for when the weather turns colder, a hat and gloves. Please note that the children will go to the woods in all weathers except for high wind so must have the correct clothing in school. The woods are very shaded so even on a seemingly warm day, they can get chilly. 

Play Times

At the start of the academic year, the Year 6 children created a playground rota for all the juniors so that play-times are fun and physical. They are in charge of getting out all the equipment and setting the games up.

The timetable is shown below: 

Monday: Football

Tuesday: Dodgeball

Wednesday: Basketball/Netball

Thursday: Hockey

Friday: Fun Friday & Craft Club

Everyday, they get out lots of equipment for all the infants to play with, this equipment promotes physical and co-operative play. The Year 6's rotate throughout the week to come and play with the infants too. On Fridays, the Year 6 girls have set up a fabulous Craft Club. They plan activities which they organise and set up themselves. 

There also opportunities for those who do not want to do the activities. The little play house is often used as an ice cream shop or restaurant, the tyres are used as dog sleds or just a place to chill and chat, and with all the wonderful grassy areas the mini-beasts are kept very happy with the number of bug houses created. The atmosphere at playtime is wonderful and it is so lovely to see ALL the children interacting so well. 

Autumn 2

The topics for this half term are: Space (KS1) & Seasons (EYFS). Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of what we get up to! 

Autumn 1

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. 

To kick off the new academic year, KS1 topic is Rainbows & Raindrops and the EYFS topic is All About Me. 

Above are the topic webs for the half term. Here, you will find everything your child will be learning about. I will be uploaded pictures as the term goes on. 

Class of 2022/2023

Summer 2 - Look at what we have been up to!

Summer 1

This half term, the KS1 topic is 'Princesses and Knights' and EYFS will be learning about 'Animals'. EYFS are going to be learning all about different animals and their life cycles and KS1 will be learning all about castles and even taking a trip to Bolsover Castle later on in the term. Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of what we get up to! 

Bolsover Castle Trip


Spring 2

This half term, our topic is Superheroes! We will be learning all about the superheroes and how we can keep our bodies healthy. We are going to be learning about some 'real life superheroes' too! Look out for pictures of what we get up to!

World Book Day Class Photo

Spring 2

Spring 1 

This half term, we are learning about our Frozen world. We will be learning all about the polar regions. Look out for pictures of what we get up to!

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is Our Planet (KS1) & Seasons (EYFS). I have attached the KS1 and EYFS topic web's. Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of what we get up to! 

Autumn 1

Welcome back! This half term our topic is Enchanted Woodlands. I have attached the KS1 and EYFS topic web's. Keep your eyes peeled for pictures of what we get up to!